Supply Chain & Logistics Riyadh
Supply Chain Strategies to Drive Profitability & Sustainability In The Midst of Growing Inflation

14 -15 November

9 AM (Arabian Standard Time)


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The Russia-Ukraine conflict and supply and demand imbalances triggered by China’s diminishing trade activities are increasing Saudi Arabia’s shipping costs. Businesses in Riyadh used to pay US$ 2000 to import a container from China, the price now stands at US$ 7000. Evolving customers demands and the need for logistics sustainability pose significant concerns too.

At this year's Supply Chain & Logistics Riyadh, to help logistics service providers, retailers, CPG companies and instant delivery providers navigate these uncertain times, Shipsy will showcase how:

  • Predictive analytics & AI can improve demand planning & forecasting

  • Real-time supply chain signals can deliver on modern logistics KPI

  • Automated & ML-powered routing can optimize mid-mile costs & productivity

  • Intelligently balancing the usage of EV, bicycles and conventional vehicles can make the last-mile greener

So, come say "hello" to us at Booth No. 1, and we’ll share insights on how our customers are:

  • Increasing on-time deliveries by 24%

  • Increasing customer experience by 64%

  • Shrinking incidental costs by 50%

  • Reducing freight procurement costs by 10%

  • Ensuring 80% person-hour savings…and more

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