How Logistics Leaders Can Move Beyond Price to Gain Increased Value From Logistics Providers

Cost of logistics has been and will continue to be a concern for most businesses, especially amid a looming recession. With logistics operations being the core of retailers’ business growth and customer retention strategy, logistics leaders should look beyond just costs when deciding on the right third-party logistics provider for their business. The need is to additionally segment the various logistics providers into various defined categories, leverage service providers’ innovation capabilities, and implement a robust SRM strategy.

According to Gartner, “Transportation and logistics providers have deep service portfolios that span across the globe, giving them greater potential to solve complex challenges and bring greater innovation to businesses. Traditional RFP sourcing events fail to recognize these capabilities and fail to effectively capitalize on them, leading to lost opportunities to maximize cost and service benefits.”¹

Shipsy enables businesses to drive business growth, save costs and improve logistics excellence while seamlessly managing and nurturing relationships with multiple third-party logistics providers.

Shipsy’s 3PL Orchestration Platform offers a single window to manage all orders that are outsourced to any number of 3PLs. It has a simple and intuitive order allocation engine that takes into account your business objectives and strategy, and automates order allocation. With tools to provide superior customer communication and experience, manage performance of 3PLs, visualize performance data for CXOs, validate suspicious delivery attempts, and many more powerful tools, Shipsy’s platform can take your logistics capabilities to new heights, and that too swiftly!

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