Come Drive The Future of Logistics At Shipsy

Shipsy's AI-powered platform empowers global businesses to optimize, automate, track and simplify end-to-end logistics and supply chain operations. We are enabling businesses to ensure seamless movement of goods and packages across and within countries and at the same time drive high levels of environmental sustainability. To scale our operations and drive innovation faster, we would like your help.

About Our Customers

We are partners to our customers in their digital transformation journey. Traditionally the logistics industry operated in silos. It was knee-deep in inefficient, broken and manually driven processes. We took it upon ourselves to help address some of the most complex supply chain challenges using our technology so that logistics stakeholders can focus on creating greater value for their customers and not on optimizing supply chain management.

The Massive Opportunity That Lies Ahead

We envision that the movement of every shipment and container, irrespective of geography, is managed and optimized using Shipsy’s platform. We are growing fast on three critical fronts—revenue, customer base and talent pool. Shipsians are extremely excited about the mountain of opportunities we are pursuing. But, there is an enormous amount of work that lies ahead of us. This opens up unprecedented levels of possibilities for you to improve logistics for everyone, end-customers like yourself, enterprises, exporters and importers and logistics service providers.

Perks of Joining Shipsy

Career Progression Allowance

It’s on us. We bear the cost for your online courses/books to support career development.

Comprehensive Medical Policy

Your family’s health is important for us. Experience hassle-free medical insurance covering spouse, children, and parents.

Gift Vouchers

You grow, we celebrate! We will send you a token of appreciation for every milestone you achieve, personal or professional. Join us to know what that token is.

Tax Savings and Other Benefits

Grow your savings. We will guide you through partnerships, flexible payment plans, and easy reimbursement plans to be financially strong.

The Value We are Creating for Customers

Shipsians are first principles thinkers and are customer-obsessed. This drives us to take away the load of addressing everyday logistics challenges from customers so that DTDC can focus on delivering delightful delivery experiences, Zepto can guarantee 10 minutes delivery windows, a Fortune 100 exporter can ship products faster across countries and your favorite pizza chain can deliver your food hot every time.

The Next Big Problem We Want To Solve

Our business is growing fast. Our customers are becoming increasingly reliant on us to help them manage their supply chain and logistics operations. We are working tirelessly to be worthy of their faith and expectations. But like any growing business, we have challenges of our own. Here are some.

Scaling Bandwidth To Seize Every Opportunity

Since our inception, we have always focused on quality over quantity. It works for us. Our solutions are the best ambassadors of our capabilities and potential. But due to bandwidth constraints, we find ourselves letting go of some excellent business and learning opportunities.

Preparing for Opportunities That Don’t Exist Yet

We are doing a great job solving existing challenges our customers face, but that's not enough. The logistics industry is evolving fast, triggering opportunities that never existed a decade back. From 5 day shipping, we are now talking 10 minutes delivery. From manual deliveries, we are now empowering robots to deliver parcels. What's next? We need people who will help us identify future opportunities and build those solutions now so that when customers reach there, we will be ready.

Perhaps You Are A Shipsian, You Just Don't Know It Yet

Shipsians are unique in the sense that they are not afraid to fail in doing something they believe in. They do not have answers to all the questions we ask but promise a response by putting in an effort to understand the challenge that triggered the question.

Not all Shipsians are experts in supply chain and logistics, but their passion for learning and then making a difference is unparalleled. We operate in an environment that's constantly evolving. Hence, embracing change (and questioning it) comes naturally to us. Empathy is one critical quality we expect in every Shipsian, and we are never going to compromise this.

A Peek Into Our Culture Code

We are a formidable force in the logistics industry and we attribute our success not just to our tech capabilities but also our seven core culture codes.

Customer Obsession

We believe our success coincides with generating tangible value for our customers.

Think Big

We aim high and drive growth by thinking big and constantly challenge ourselves to achieve our true potential.

First Principles Thinking

We try to dig deep into the most fundamental truth by asking WHY until we get there and challenge the status quo.


We push ourselves to accomplish more with less. We believe constraints breed invention and self-sufficiency.


We put a team above individuals. We openly ask for help. We solve problems as a team, leverage team member strengths and collaborate, so a win for an individual is a win for the team.

High Agency

We believe in resourcefulness, confidence, and collaboration to overcome obstacles and drive positive change. We take take proactive steps, own responsibilities, and find creative solutions.


We encourage everyone to speak their mind without reservations respectfully and earn the trust of team members, lead by example and be consistent in whatever we do.

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