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Success Stories

Quick Commerce Provider Leverages Automation to Drive 10 Minute Grocery Delivery Across Cities

A fast-growing on-demand delivery provider deployed Shipsy’s smart logistics management solution to tide over critical operational complexities. Some of these challenges include the risk of system breakdown when processing large order volumes, completely manual CoD settlement, inability to scale deliveries, lack of transparency leading to distrust between managers and drivers regarding payouts, and more.

  • Best-practices on scaling on demand delivery business by 25x in 6 months
  • Understand how automation can help auto allocate 99.7% of orders
  • Learn how to drive highly agile delivery operations with reduced manual intervention
  • Get insights into driving proof-based and fair driver payout management
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Marquee Customers

Burger King

About the Solution

Shipsy's cutting-edge, AI-driven logistics management platform is your key to extraordinary on-demand and hyperlocal delivery experiences for quick commerce, food delivery, and same day delivery. Loaded with features like driver & roster management, dynamic en-route order clubbing, auto-allocation of drivers, and much more, we help you take your SLAs to new heights.

Mobile support

Automatic Driver Allocation
Automate driver allocation with several parameters such as availability, vehicle type, geofencing, COD, etc

Multi-Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options
Provide customers with all types of payment options including cash, cards, QR code scanning etc - straight from the Driver App

In App Gamification

In-App Gamification
Unlock the power of play to enhance productivity among delivery partners and maintain competitive leaderboards

Smart Order Clubbing

Smart Order Clubbing
Boost productivity and save resources by dynamic en-route order clubbing

Live Tracking for Customers

Live Tracking for Customers
Embed live-tracking and ETAs of delivery into your app or our white-labeled tracking page

KPI Benchmarking

KPI Benchmarking
Link incentives for good delivery automatically based on auto computed metrics

Seamless Last Mile Operations

  • Highly configurable system to collect all incoming orders, create job flows, and track live status

  • Complete mobile support for field operations with a dedicated Driver App.

  • Automated driver allocation and slot management.

  • Gamification based incentive disbursement system for delivery partners.

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Seamless Last Mile Operations

Intelligent Planning and Route Optimisations

  • Dynamic order clubbing with customizable parameters such as geofencing radius, delivery location, maximum assignable orders to driver, vehicle capacity etc

  • Route optimization where orders are clubbed together

Intelligent Planning and Route Optimisations

Live Tracking and ETAs

  • Live order tracking with automated intelligent simulations for when driver partners’ GPS is unavailable

  • Real-time WhatsApp/SMS-based communication with customers. Ability to capture addresses on map, reschedule deliveries, leave with a neighbor, and communicate with the driver in real-time.

  • Validate failed delivery reasons directly with customers for better NDR management

  • Predict delivery ETAs

Live Tracking


Enable Customer Delight

Intelligent Resource Allocation

Intelligent Resource Allocation

Dynamic driver allocation and en route order clubbing to ensure adherence to SLAs

Multi-channel customer communication

Multi-channel Customer Communication

Improved customer experience using Whatsapp, SMSes, and email

Mobile support

Mobile Support

100% mobile coverage across your hub and field operations

Key Benefits

Rapid Business Growth

0 %

increase in on-time delivery

0 %

increase in deliveries per driver & more

Reduced Cost of Operations

0 %

deliveries marked in real-time

0 %

reduction in steps for the delivery process

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

0 %

reduction in average order allocation time

0 %

increase in on-time delivery


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