Case Studies

Fortune 100 Conglomerate Shrinks Incidental Costs by 80% and Drives Shipment Agility

A Fortune 100 multinational conglomerate and biggest exporter in India deployed Shipsy’s automation-driven fully integrated end-to-end shipment management solution to deal with their evolving logistics challenges. Some of these include increasing freight spend, poor stakeholder communications, manual operations and more.

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Global Pizza Delivery Chain Increases On-time Deliveries by 24%

One of the world’s leading pizza delivery chains deployed Shipsy’s smart logistics management platform to address challenges like slow order allocation, delayed and incorrect deliveries, lack of visibility for the end customers, ineffective roster management, and much more.

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DTDC Automates First-Mile Operations, Shrinks Customer Query Calls By 40% per Order

DTDC deployed Shipsy’s smart logistics management platform to address challenges like poor last-mile visibility, increasing manual interventions, rapidly growing customer demands, cumbersome partner management processes, and more.

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Leading 3PL Increased CX by 24% and Seamlessly Scaled Cross-Border Pickups

A leading logistics provider in Saudi Arabia deployed an advanced global trade and logistics management platform to address challenges like growing customer complaints, traditional customs clearance processes, poor visibility of financial operations, inability to scale and more.

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