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Life at Shipsy

Here’s what Shipsians have to say!

Shipsy means family working with my family has been an enriching journey filled with growth, learning, and endless opportunities. The dynamic environment, innovative projects, and supportive team have challenged me to push my boundaries and excel in my role. Shipsy's commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity has empowered me to thrive professionally and personally. I am grateful for the valuable experiences, mentorship, and friendships I have gained during my time at Shipsy. I look forward to contributing further to the company's success and being a part of its inspiring journey ahead.

Hesham Al Shaybani, Shipsy
Hesham Al Shaybani

Sales Director

Joining Shipsy has been a turning point for me, both professionally and personally. Despite being a remote hire, the incredible support, warmth, and welcoming atmosphere made me feel like part of the team from day one. Every day, I relish the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of customers across multiple industries, helping them find the perfect solution for their business needs. I'm continually inspired by my colleagues' unmatched energy, passion, and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me at Shipsy – it's sure to be an exciting journey!

Sara Ait Ali, Shipsy
Sara Ait Ali

Sales Consultant

Working here has been an enriching experience. The work we do here helps add value to businesses, meaning to deliveries, and simplifies logistics operations worldwide. The good part is, Shipsy is not all work and no play. I enjoy a great work-life balance and employee-centric policies. Seems like everyone here loves to see you grow and be happy.


Content Marketing Manager

Working with Shipsy has been an absolute pleasure. I have been here for a good duration and have learnt many things here. Not only the work, but the people here are also very supportive and helpful. Our culture here is to grow and learn together. I have been given the opportunity to work on various projects and the freedom to explore and learn new things. I am very grateful to be a part of this amazing team.

Kushal Jain, Shipsy
Kushal Jain

Software Engineer

A culture passion is what we feel proud of. Extreme focus on quality, and obsession for delivering on time. The learning curve is exponential as we are working on the edge of the technology and keep innovating on the way. People around are motivated and keep motivating to push the boundaries in creating value for customers.

Divyam Chandel
Divyan Chandel

Product Analyst

Shipsy has offered me immense opportunities for growth and learning, empowering me to expand my skill set and reach my full potential. There is autonomy and ownership to drive outcomes, allowing me to make a tangible impact on the projects and the industry as a whole. The environment fosters innovation and experimentation, providing me with a safe space to explore groundbreaking solutions. All this, while embracing work-life balance, ensuring I can thrive both personally and professionally. Shout out to the HR team for organising numerous sporting events and team outings.

Archit Garg, Shipsy
Archit Garg

Product Associate Director

Work is fun
at Shipsy

At Shipsy, we work hard and we part harder! You will work with the best talent from across the industry in a conducive work environment designed for all Shipsians to learn and grow! We have annual outings and regular fun/engagement activities to break the ice and strike the work life balance you need! We also offer work from home arrangements for all our Shipsians!

Team Shipsy

Team Shipsy

Town Hall

Town Hall



Team Shipsy

Team Shipsy

Town Hall

Town Hall



Perks of working at Shipsy

Scholarships for courses and professional certifications

Company sponsored asset purchase worth 50K via lucky draw

Medical insurance for all full-time employees

Tech-a-break and other continuous learning sessions to help your career growth

SODEXO Meal Card and a host of other tax saving benefits

A peek into our culture code

Our core values define us! At Shipsy, we follow these 7 commandments that guide all our actions

Customer Obsession

We believe our success coincides with generating tangible value for our customers. Our discussions start with the customer and work backward from there.

Think Big

We aim high and drive growth by thinking big and constantly challenge ourselves to achieve our true potential.

First Principles Thinking

We try to dig deep into the most fundamental truth by asking WHY until we get there and challenge the status quo.


We push ourselves to accomplish more with less. We believe constraints breed invention and self-sufficiency.


We put a team above individuals. We openly ask for help. We solve problems as a team, leverage team member strengths and collaborate, so a win for an individual is a win for the team.

High Agency

We believe in resourcefulness, confidence, and collaboration to overcome obstacles and drive positive change. We take take proactive steps, own responsibilities, and find creative solutions.


We encourage everyone to speak their mind without reservations respectfully and earn the trust of team members, lead by example and be consistent in whatever we do.

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