Ensure Intelligent Delivery Orchestration and Accelerate Business Growth

Intelligent mobility solution that ensures same-day/one-hour delivery, boosts on-time delivery volumes, provides end-to-end courier visibility, drives profitability and enhances customer experience.


Success Stories

DTDC Digitizes 97% Last-mile Transactions And Soars Customer Experiences

DTDC deployed Shipsy’s smart logistics management platform to address challenges like poor last-mile visibility, increasing manual interventions, rapidly growing customer demands, cumbersome partner management processes, and more.

To delve deeper into the challenges and find out how the CEP giant simplified, automated, and optimized its processes, download the case study now.

  • Understand how a mobile-first approach helped DTDC to manage customer expectations
  • Learn how automation can reduce customer queries by 35-40%
  • Know how you can digitize 99% of transactions and improve returns management
  • How digitization can bring visibility for all stakeholders, increasing customer experience
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Leading 3PL Increased CX by 24% and Seamlessly Scaled Cross-Border Pickups

A leading logistics provider in Saudi Arabia deployed an advanced global trade and logistics management platform to address challenges like growing customer complaints, traditional customs clearance processes, poor visibility of financial operations, inability to scale and more.

To know more about these challenges and how the 3PL provider developed critical capabilities to optimize logistics operations, download the case study.

  • Understand how to leverage automation to improve customs clearance processes
  • Gain access to tips that will help you reduce cash reconciliation time by 44%
  • Know how to optimize international country pick-up and enhance hub operations
  • Learn how digitization can increase customer experience by 24%
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About the Solution

Shipsy’s global trade and logistics management platform helps Courier, Express, and Parcel companies bring operational efficiency by ensuring on-time and accurate pick-ups and deliveries with complete visibility into operations—any time, anywhere.

Easy Integrations

Easy Integrations
APIs / Customer Portal / App for retail customers

Geocoding and Route Optimization

Geocoding and Route Optimization
Get precise location to unlock efficient pick-ups & deliveries

Shipsy Field Ops

Shipsy Field Ops
iOS and Android app for performance and task management

Shipsy Hub Ops App

Shipsy Hub Ops App
Capture in-hub loading, bagging, sorting activities, and more

Real-time Customer Communication

Real-time Customer Communication
Keep customers informed through SMS / WhatsApp / email

Finance Management

Finance Management
Manage COD remittance, auto customer invoicing, etc.

First Mile

  • Boost productivity and growth by automating first-mile operations.

  • Digitize and capture the entire product journey.

  • Leverage customer portal for order management; built-in SDKs / plugins for Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and WordPress; geo-tracking; and QR codes for efficient operations.

  • Automate allocation of pick-ups to hubs and drivers.

  • Enable scan-based pick-up completion through the mobile app.

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First Mile

Mid Mile

  • Consolidate consignments with reduced misroute and manual errors.

  • Handle in-hub operations seamlessly through a mobile-based Hub Ops app.

  • AI-enabled parcel optimization and complete visibility into mid-mile.

  • Inscan consignments, weight, and volume verification.

  • System-driven sorting through Shipsy Hub Ops app.

  • Guided bag creation process to ensure no shipment gets missed during mid-mile.

  • Mid-mile trip creation across surface and air.

dom log dashboard

Last Mile

  • Maximize first attempt delivery success and customer experience with a real-time view of deliveries, mobile-based Shipsy Field Ops app, multi-channel communication, and driver app.

  • Communicate in real-time through SMS / WhatsApp with consignees.

  • Completely configurable app flow to capture various kinds of information.

  • Zero contact delivery operation in the post-COVID world.

  • Validate the non-delivery reasons of riders by triggering a confirmation message to the consignee.

  • Work with multiple 3PL partners to extend last-mile reach through the platform approach.

  • Enable route planning and optimization for speedy and efficient deliveries.

  • Leverage geocoding to access exact delivery coordinates.

Last Mile

Flowchart Process

Process Flowchart

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Agile platform

Agile platform

Agile operations management to deliver superior performance and SLAs

Multi-channel customer communication

Multi-channel customer communication

Improved customer experience using WhatsApp, SMS, and email

Mobile support

Mobile support

100% mobile coverage across your hub and field operations for enhanced visibility.

Key Benefits

Rapid Business Growth

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Reduction in Customer Onboarding Time

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E-commerce Stores Integrations

Reduced Cost of Operations

0 %

Reduction in Last-Mile Delivery Cost

0 %

Reduction in Mid-Mile Costs

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

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Reduction in Customer Complaints

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Increase in Delivery NPS


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