Ensure Cost-Efficient, Transparent, Agile & Customer-Centric Distribution & Delivery of Goods

Gain complete visibility of goods movement from factory to distribution centers and end customers, boost route productivity and vehicle capacity utilization, manage courier partners to deliver on cost and time mandates, and enhance after sales customer service.


About the Platform

Gain Greater Visibility of Inbound Logistics

Enhance Capacity and Route Planning

Improve D2C Last-Mile Delivery Operations

Ensure Efficient Movement of Small Item Deliveries

Drive Agile Spare Part Movement

Provide Express After Sales Service

Reduce Primary Transport Detention & Enhance Inbound Tracking for Warehouses

Reduce Primary Transport Detention

Optimize FTL & PTL Usage in Secondary Leg & Enhance Capacity Planning

Ensure an optimal mix of Full and Partial Truck Load distribution

Enhance Last-Mile D2C Operation with Advanced Routing & Live Tracking

intelligent algorithms

Improve Small Item Delivery Management Using Multiple Courier Partners

Order Allocation

Enhance Movement of Spare Parts and Boost SLA Adherence

Enhance Movement

Provide Shipment Visibility for Partners and End Customers via a Partner Portal

Merchant Portal

Drive Express After Sales Service with Real-Time Technician Tracking

Event Communication

Key Benefits

Reduce Logistics Costs


Decrease in last-mile delivery costs


Reduction in overall transportation costs

Improve SLA Adherence


Increase in delivery schedule adherence 


Increase in delivery net promoter score (NPS)

Boost Logistics Productivity


Increase in mid-mile vehicle utilization


Increase in deliveries per rider

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