Transform Your Retail Supply Chain to Deliver Unmatched Customer Experience

End-to-end retail supply chain and logistics platform that enables omnichannel fulfillment, drives high-levels of operational efficiency, and seamless communications for an omnichannel and delightful customer experience.


Success Stories

Fortune 100 Retailer Runs on Shipsy

Our customer, India’s largest retailer and fastest-growing retailer in the world, offers services across major consumption baskets of Grocery, Consumer Electronics, and Fashion & Lifestyle.

  • More than 140 million loyal customers
  • More than 640 million footfalls across all its stores
  • Over 160,000 transactions per hour in FY20
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About the Solution

Shipsy’s supply chain platform enables real-time visibility into SKU movements and inventory levels using predictive control towers. Our platform can quickly be implemented across all ERPs and warehouse management systems to aggregate all data onto one central platform.

Unified interface across multiple 3rd party logistics companies

Unified 3PL Management
Unified interface across multiple 3rd party logistics companies

Suspicious attempt indicator with automated communication to carriers

Fake Attempt Warning
Suspicious attempt indicator with automated communication to carriers

Shipsy Field Ops - iOS and Android app with configurable screen flow

Seamless UX
Shipsy Field Ops - iOS and Android app with configurable screen flow

Carrier allocation rules to automate best 3PL selection

Smart 3PL Selection
Carrier allocation rules to automate best 3PL selection

Unified, real-time customer communication - SMS/WhatsApp/Email

Real-Time Customer Updates
Unified, real-time customer communication - SMS/WhatsApp/Email

Unified, real-time customer communication - SMS/WhatsApp/Email

Optimize Transactions
Finance - Cash on delivery management, auto customer invoicing

Imports Automation

  • Coordinate pickups from suppliers around the world with shipment execution and documentation automation.

  • Analytics and insights dashboard to track your detention and demurrage.

  • Transshipment aging, carrier, and volume analysis among other data that can be used for improved planning and future decisions.

  • Complete control for management with timestamps.

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Imports Automation

Route Planning and Optimization

  • Manage your own fleet of vehicles as well as the market fleet with intelligent route planning.

  • Maximize capacity utilization of vehicles and minimize the requirement for market vehicles.

  • 1-click determination of which shipment to go in which vehicle and what is the route for each trip

  • Driver app to push all trips and capture POD.

Intelligent Planning and Route Optimisations

3PL Aggregation

  • Carrier allocation rules help you automate booking with the best carrier based on destination, performance, cost, COD, order value, and more.

  • Unified API and portal based shipping label printing and consumption of standardized tracking events.

  • Communicate with customers in your own branding based on certain milestones of carriers; detect fake NDRs and improve first attempt delivery %.

dom log dashboard

Unified Customer Communication

  • Whether the delivery is through your own fleet or 3PL, the system sends unified communication in your own branding to customers via SMS and WhatsApp.

  • Enhance first-attempt delivery % and reduce Return to Origin (RTOs) with 3PL carriers by fake attempt validation.

  • Capture attention of users on your branded tracking page and position related products as ads- get more orders.

Last Mile


Enable Customer Delight

Intelligent Resource Allocation

Agile Platform

Agile operations management to deliver superior SLAs

Multi-channel customer communication

Multi-channel Customer Communication

Improved customer experience using Whatsapp, SMS, and email

Mobile support

Mobile Support

100% mobile coverage across your hub and field operations

Key Benefits

Supercharge Customer Experience

0 %

Reduction in shipment returns

0 %

Increase in delivery NPS

Reduced Cost of Operations

0 %

Reduction in last mile delivery cost

0 %

Reduction in 3PL invoicing errors

Automate Operational Processes

0 %

Reduction in order to ship time

0 %

Increase in on-time dispatch


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