4 proven ways to increase your delivery success rate


4 proven ways to increase your delivery success rate

Have tried all the efforts to reduce high RTO (Return to origin) but failed? It could be due to missed or late deliveries. In this cutting-throat competition, if a business fails to meet its customers’ demands, offer operational transparency, or deliver products within the committed time, the customers would definitely switch to some other shopping store.  

The prime goal of every online business is to delight its customers by offering them top quality products at the most competitive prices within the committed time. Not meeting any of these criterias can lead to customer dissatisfaction. And now when the customers’ expectations are rising with each passing day, it is not a cakewalk for the online stores to meet their same-day or next-day delivery demands. However, by following the ways e-businesses can surely get a spike in their delivery success rate. Before checking them out, let’s read- 

Why does the delivery success rate matter?

  • To shoot up conversion rate

As per an online report 60% of the customers believe poor delivery as the most frustrating part of the online shopping. 

  • To increase customer retention 

Your business should not only attract new customers but also retain existing ones. And as per an online research, approximately 38% of customers said they would not shop from a store after a bad delivery experience. 

  • To strengthen your brand reputation

Offering safe and timely deliveries along with offering quality products can contribute to delivering a positive shopping experience and enhancing your brand reputation. 

  • To achieve customer satisfaction 

Even a minor delay in order delivery can impact customer experience and satisfaction. Good delivery doesn’t only include delivering orders within committed time, but it also incorporates clear and concise communication, various delivery options, and providing real-time delivery updates. 

How to shoot up delivery success rate?

Your delivery agents are not the only one responsible for timely deliveries; it is each and every operation you perform. It is like a domino effect; one process affects the other. Here are four effective ways by which you can get the desired delivery success rate. 

  1. Work on order management

For managing orders, make sure you follow a systematic approach. Prioritize deliveries in the right order; if you are receiving hundreds of orders in a day, it is better to use an automated system for order management. In that case, you can simply set algorithms to consider delivery time window, delivery location, type and size of goods, and various other parameters for digitized order segregation and allocation. Since accepting an order and processing it for the delivery is the first process, it should not be delayed at any cost. 

  1. Automate delivery routes

Inefficient route optimization can not only lead to delay in deliveries, but it can also impact riders’ productivity due to high driving time. Therefore, take the help of delivery management software with an automated route planning & optimization feature. 

  1. Facilitate real-time delivery tracking

Enable real-time delivery tracking for logistics managers as well as for the end-customers. This way both of them would be able to know the updated status of the order. A customer would not call the support centre to get the order status update and delivery managers would be able to send teams in case of vehicle breakdowns or any other unforeseen circumstances. 

  1. Establish clear and concise communication with your riders and customers

Maintain complete transparency with your end-customers as well as riders. Delivery or logistics software can help to achieve this goal by providing a dedicated driver application. It can help to create a way of communication between vendors, riders, and customers. 
You can achieve all the aforementioned goals with the help of Shipsy’s delivery management software . The software helps in overcoming challenges like inefficient business operations, poor route planning and optimization, high delivery cost, and shortage of resources. Why wait? Prepare a set of your particular delivery-related requirements and reach out to one of Shipsy’s professionals to get a customized SaaS-based logistics or delivery management software for your business.


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