4 Ways Delivery Management Software Balloons Customer Experience


4 Ways Delivery Management Software Balloons Customer Experience

No matter if it is manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, or any other business, order deliveries play an integral role in delighting your customers. Various online reports and surveys have also unveiled that late and missed deliveries are the most common reasons behind customer dissatisfaction. To please customers with on-time deliveries without compromising with the cost, businesses are modifying their logistics strategies and inclining towards tech-enabled platforms and software for delivery management. 

Delivery management software digitizes end-to-end processes to minimize dependency on human resources, bring operational transparency, facilitate order tracking, and satisfy customers. The software reduces delivery time, cost, and effort. Here is how it contributes to achieving customer satisfaction- 

1. Help businesses to offer multiple delivery options 

Along with providing same-day and next-day delivery service, what customers expect from an online store is to provide them multiple delivery options. Some like to choose home delivery while others prefer picking up orders from their nearby store. There are many who wish to have curbside pick-ups. Any store can offer these delivery options but making them all possible would need huge resources and investment. Integrating delivery management software can streamline all the delivery processes and facilitate managing multiple deliveries from a single dashboard. 

2. Provides real-time tracking and delivery ETA

Offering no visibility or status updates on the order might increase calls to your customer support centre. It also impacts the customer experience. Delivery management software automatically triggers a tracking link to customers. They can use the link to get the estimated time of arrival for their delivery. Also, they can easily reschedule the time and date for delivery and communicate with riders. Real-time tracking also allows the vendors or businesses to keep a tab on every order and dispatch control teams in case of vehicle breakdown, accident, or any other unforeseen situation.

3. Helps with customer feedback collection

Delivery management software also makes it possible to check delivery feedback from customers. Also, they can check and fix the delivery-related concerns raised by customers. This feedback helps them to modify their delivery strategies or measure driver’s performance. All this is possible under one roof. 

4. Allows customers to select a delivery time window

Providing your customers with the convenience of choosing delivery time slots can boost the customer experience. But it can be done only when you automate processes like order allocation and route optimization. Delivery software comes up with digitized order management and route management features, which makes it possible to deliver orders within the given time slots. 

Apart from the aforementioned ones, an upgraded delivery management system can help in many other ways. It can also cut down the overall delivery cost and improve productivity. Make sure you choose the best delivery management software for your business. And to do so, verify a few factors like- customisation, smooth integration, and quick deployment. Shipsy is a company that offers a delivery management system with all these features. You can reach out to its professionals to get the best delivery software for your business.


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