5 Reasons Why You Should Automate Last-Mile Delivery Operations


5 Reasons Why You Should Automate Last-Mile Delivery Operations

With the rising demands and expectations of customers and increasing competition, it has become necessary for the businesses to automate their last-mile delivery operations to deliver excellent experiences. Doing this not only reduces the overall transportation cost but also ensures safe and timely deliveries. Here are the reasons why you should integrate automation into your last-leg delivery operations:

1. To minimize human dependency

Traditional processes for managing your last-leg delivery operations requires huge manpower. And one cannot deny the fact that performing tasks manually not only increases cost but also needs a considerable amount of time. Besides, it is also prone to flaws. Using advanced last-mile delivery software, businesses can automate these tasks to ensure smooth, streamlined, and error-free deliveries of products to customers’ doorsteps.

2. To lower down fuel consumption and prevent idling of the engine

Dedicated final leg delivery software or transport management software that comes up with final mile delivery feature automate tasks like route planning, in-plant operations, mapping of orders with vehicles, choosing the right driver, and more. These tasks when done by software bring the highest level of accuracy and perfection. For example- the task of planning and optimizing routes or mapping of products with vehicles, if done manually, would not bring the level of accuracy that can be achieved by using last leg software.

The software makes sure that more orders can be delivered using fewer vehicles, which directly reduces fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance cost. By providing the most efficient routes, with the least or no traffic congestions, it also prevents idling of engines and increases the chances for on-time deliveries.

3. To improve the chances for the first-attempt delivery

As per a recent Post and Parcel report, failed order deliveries cost $216,171 a year in the US alone. Therefore, it is imperative for every business to opt for such measures that increase the chances of first-attempt delivery. Automation in the logistics and last-leg operations ensure that every task is being performed on the specified time and considering the delivery-related preferences of users.

Apart from this, most of the final mile delivery software or TMS software with such a feature offer dynamic route planning, which assures that the driver always gets the most efficient routes for picking up orders from the warehouse/hub and delivering orders to the final destination.

4. To provide same-day delivery services

Imagine the efficiency of the transport management system of companies like Amazon that they are providing same-day delivery services (of course, in particular locations). From this, it is evident that your last mile operations should be automated so that it automatically looks into new orders and processes them for delivery as soon as possible. Achieving the same level of speed and accuracy in tasks is either not possible or possible with the help of huge manual labor, which would obviously be costly.

5. To reduce transportation risks

Modern last-mile delivery software is designed using top technologies that rely on data. These technologies are efficient in having granular-level visibility of logistics and transport operations. Such software can look into the historical data of already travelled routes and provide actionable insights on the cases of thefts and pilferage on particular routes. These insights can help companies to deliver orders safe and timely.

Which is the best last-mile delivery software?

To get the best final mile delivery software or a complete transport management software with final mile delivery and other advanced features, you can reach out to Shipsy. Shipsy is a SaaS-based software suite provider that offers customized software to meet the diverse logistics and transportation-related requirements of businesses. Why wait? Get Shipsy’s TMS software today and automate your last-leg delivery operations.


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