6 Advantages of Fleet Management Automation


6 Advantages of Fleet Management Automation

Any e-commerce business that owns a fleet of vehicles for the movement of goods from one place to another or from source to the customer’s doorstep needs fleet management. Apart from this, managing a fleet of vehicles is also necessary for the companies offering logistics services to various customers. 

The purpose of fleet management is to control the complete lifecycle of the commercial vehicles in a way to minimize associated risks, increasing profitability, and improving productivity. A company with limited vehicles can manage this manually; however, an organization with millions of customers and hundreds of vehicles needs some software for efficient management. And that’s when the need for fleet management automatically arises. Besides, fleet management automation is also required to- 

Reduce fuel cost

More vehicles on the road means high fuel consumption and more fuel cost. However, with effective fleet management, the problem can be solved. Using fleet management software, managers can identify fuel saving potentials, such as avoiding idling of engines caused when a vehicle gets stuck in the traffic. Moreover, they can also utilize every vehicle capacity to the fullest so that more deliveries can be done using less vehicles. Doing this would also help in reducing the fuel consumption, and hence, the cost.

Minimize vehicle maintenance cost

Fleet maintenance cost can put a heavy burden on the business finances. By keeping a track of kms travelled, engine hours, fuel consumption, and other important factors, fleet managers can address various vehicle-related problems even before their occurrence. They can plan the preventive maintenance accordingly and reduce the maintenance cost, which would be otherwise high due to the occurrence of a bigger issue with the vehicle. 

Track fleet in real time

Real-time fleet tracking can be possible only with the fleet management automation. It can help fleet managers to know the updated status of all the vehicles. They can also send them instant alerts to notify about important things like cancellation of the order at the last minute. It can also assist them to track the performance of the drivers. 

Improve driver safety

Driver safety is one of the major concerns of the fleet managers. With fleet management automation, they can look into each driver’s performance, their expertise, background, behaviour, capability, and other factors to assign them the trips accordingly. 

Deliver orders on time

Managing fleets properly would streamline processes like selection of the right vehicle for the particular type of products, timely pickups of the goods, and more. Doing this would help to accomplish further processes on time and ensure every product gets delivered within the specified time. 

Ensure more deliveries in a day

Selecting the right vehicle for the delivery and managing every vehicle using real-time tracking would increase productivity. Drivers would not only be able to reach the destination on time, but also to get back to the facility timely. This would help fleet managers to ease up the process of secondary trip planning.

How to automate fleet management?

For this purpose, you can contact a software development company and get the fleet management software developed from scratch. However, this would need a lot of time (months or maybe a year) and money. The best alternative to this is to go for SaaS-based transport management software that comes up with the fleet management feature. 

Such software would not only be available in a short time but also be affordable as you can customize it as per your particular needs. Choosing the complete transportation management software would also help to streamline other transport-related processes and save the overall cost. In short, by opting for TMS software that includes fleet management features, you can do fuel management, lower down vehicle maintenance cost, take care of the driver safety, and meet vehicle compliance requirements.

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