A Comprehensive Guide to Logistics Software


A Comprehensive Guide to Logistics Software

Technological advances have created a massive disruption in almost every industry and logistics and transportation are no exception. With businesses rapidly replacing their traditional logistics solutions with logistics management software, it is clear that the industry is undergoing a big transformation. However, there are still some with the chaos of whether to automate their logistics operations or not. If you, too, are among those then this article is for you. By the end of this article, we believe you to have a clear idea of –

  • What is logistics management software?
  • What are the main features of logistics management software?
  • What are the advantages of logistics management software?
  • Where to purchase logistics management software?

What is logistics management software or LMS software? 

A business logistics deals with the processes required to ensure safe and on-time delivery of products from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep. To facilitate the same, businesses have to hire a huge team of professionals that will do tasks like order segregation, order allocation, mapping of products with the vehicles, optimizing routes, assigning drivers, tracking trips, dealing with the customer queries, and finally delivering the products. 

All these processes, when done manually, require a lot of time, effort, and cost without guaranteeing that every process is being done with desired accuracy. Logistics management software helps in automating all these processes so that businesses can save big on the time, effort, and cost. 

What are the main features of logistics management software?

  • Intelligent order allocation
  • Automated route planning and optimization
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Trip tracking and management 
  • Time slot selection for delivery
  • Reschedule delivery 
  • Contactless delivery by collecting digitized proof of delivery

What are the advantages of logistics management software?

Integrating LMS software into your business logistics can render the following advantages- 

Reduced logistics cost

The software helps businesses to deliver products using least resources and at the least cost possible. It digitizes processes, which eliminates the need for hiring human resources and market vehicles. 

Reduced fuel cost

By automating the route planning process, the software ensures that a vehicle can do more deliveries in a day. Moreover, it also contributes to reducing driving time and prevents idling of engines. Less vehicles on the road means low fuel consumption and cost. 

Dedicated driver app

Most of the logistics management software comes up with a dedicated driver app that enables drivers to manage trips and check delivery-related preferences of the customers. 

Timely deliveries 

On-time delivery helps in achieving customer satisfaction; logistics management software ensures that every process accomplishes at the specified time. 

Real-time order tracking

With a logistics software, businesses don’t have to hire a specialized team to track every consignment that leaves the warehouse. They can do this with the LMS software, which provides a real-time tracking facility. 

End-user panel

Most of the logistics software include an end-user panel using which users can choose an online payment option, reschedule delivery date or time, submit delivery-related feedback, and enjoy other benefits.  

Where to purchase logistics management software?

To purchase logistics software, you can contact Shipsy– a SaaS-based logistics software provider. By choosing a SaaS-based software model, you can get instant deployment and access to the software. Shipsy’s LMS can be integrated with any ERP; furthermore, it includes all the top-notch features required to streamline your logistics operations. Get it today to save big on your overall logistics cost, improve customer experience, and manage your logistics like a pro. 


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