Black Friday Sales: Four Amazing Ways to Drive Delightful and Scalable Last Mile Deliveries


Created on November 23, 2022

With the holiday spirit charging on, Black Friday marks one of the most exciting times for retailers, eCommerce brands, and D2C businesses every year. As people shop their hearts out, the planning and preparations for the great shopping event begin months before, and yet, 1 in every 5 Black Friday orders gets delayed, return rates become as high as 50%, and order volumes increase by 40%. 

While 53% of US shoppers plan to do their holiday shopping on Black Friday, and the sales amount is expected to hit the USD $158 bn mark in the US alone, businesses are in for a huge logistical frenzy to scale their deliveries rapidly without hurting their bottom line. To avoid going into last-minute investment and planning overdrive for delivery scaling to accommodate surging delivery volumes, businesses need to plan and strategize smartly.

Here, we share 4 actionable tips for businesses to scale their deliveries this Black Friday.

4 Ways Businesses Can Unlock Smart Delivery Scalability This Black Friday 

Smart Delivery Orchestration For Accuracy & Agility

Tackling the mountainous task of orchestrating the delivery of millions of shipments in a single day without breaching the ETA SLAs and losing a package, and ensuring efficiency at all times is no easy task. Manual planning, management, and lack of tracking of automated workflows will only create chaos and confusion.

Opting for a smart delivery orchestration and management platform, on the other hand, enables automatic and efficient task allocation to every rider and every vehicle. Businesses can delegate the delivery tasks among their own riders and partner 3PLs based on different dynamic needs such as delivery SLA, type, volume, proximity, rider payouts, and more. 

AI-powered workflow automation and resource management ensure the highest level of optimization and cost-efficient deliveries via real-time ETA visibility, smart order clubbing, dynamic routing, multi-stop deliveries, etc.

Multiple 3PL Carriers for Improved Serviceability 

Sales events come with unpredictable order volumes that are impossible to be managed manually or via legacy order management systems, where dynamic planning capabilities are absent. Likewise, simply adding more resources in the form of drivers and vehicles will only amplify the operational costs, keeping the high demands of delivery assets during the festive season. 

The best way to increase reach, serviceability, and productivity without compromising profitability are by partnering with multiple 3PL carriers and logistics service providers. Having multiple carriers helps upscale and downscale delivery operations as and when required and move beyond the standard 3-4 days deliveries. To take smart scalability one step further, businesses can opt for automated 3PL management solutions that ensure the automated selection of the most profitable, reliable, and productive carrier partner for every single delivery. 

Reduce Delivery Costs via Efficient Last Mile Optimization

As discussed earlier, with sudden spikes in order volumes, businesses suffer from different last mile issues galore, such as fake delivery attempts, parcel loss or damage, incorrect address, or cash reconciliation issues. Apart from leading to direct customer loss, these issues hurt the bottom line like nothing else.

Opting for smart last mile management and orchestration platforms that come with advanced functionalities, such as route optimization, asset management, driver geo-fence, electronic Proof of Delivery (PoD), and smart Non-delivery reason (NDR) and Return to Origin (RTO) management helps curb last mile losses. Such platforms also offer automated alerts & real-time tracking for all the stakeholders for improved reliability and better control over delivery operations. 

Smart Automation For Improved SLA Adherence 

Legacy tools, such as order management systems, vehicle tracking systems, etc, work in a disparate manner, which always leaves pockets for optimization and offers only partial visibility over shipment movements. 

On the other hand, end-to-end logistics automation platforms with integrated capabilities and advanced management routines help break the silos and gain visibility at a granular level. Businesses can see how many shipments allotted to a specific rider have been delivered, and gather customer feedback in real-time about those deliveries, and allocate more orders simultaneously. 

So, they are able to manage, monitor, plan, track, and control delivery operations for every shipment and every stakeholder in real-time, via a single dashboard.

Unlock Customer Success with Increased Visibility and Smart Scalability

Agile platforms for logistics automation and delivery planning, like Shipsy, empower businesses with granular visibility into their operations and empower them with smart scalability that paves the way for customer delight. With effortless integrations across existing ERP/CRM/WMS/OMS systems, multi-channel customer communication, and AI-powered Last Mile planning, such solutions can help businesses unlock:

  • 23% reduction in Last-Mile delivery costs
  • 12% reduction in Middle Mile costs
  • 45% reduction in customer onboarding time
  • 28% reduction in customer complaints
  • 18% increase in delivery NPS

So, follow the tips shared here and join hands with smart delivery management partners for increased profitability, cost savings, and customer delight this Black Friday!


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