Looking for The Best Courier Company In UK? Here’s All You Need to Know


Looking for The Best Courier Company In UK? Here’s All You Need to Know

The United Kingdom is the world’s third-largest e-commerce market, with a high penetration rate that is expected to reach 84.2% by 2025. It also owns the highest share of online retailing in the world. The exponential growth of e-commerce, retail, and other industries, changes in delivery trends and customer shopping behavior, and the competitive landscape is pushing businesses to partner with courier companies in the UK.

These companies offer diverse service offerings and have expertise to ensure the smooth and cost-effective movement of goods from one location to another. Since each courier service provider has its own strengths, capabilities and service portfolio, it is important that businesses choose the one that fits their specific business use cases and aligns well with the evolving business needs.

Here, we share the key considerations to keep in mind while choosing a courier company in UK, the core capabilities to focus on, and how to leverage smart courier management solutions for the best results.

6 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Courier Company In UK


Look for a courier company in the UK that offers you wide geographical coverage, both domestic and international. It helps a business to expand seamlessly and reach more customers.

Dimensions of Packages

Many courier companies put restrictions on the weight and dimensions of the packages they deliver. Therefore, it is important to find the one as per your particular business requirements. 

Courier company selection considerations in UK


The cost of moving a parcel from one place to another depends on various factors, including the type of delivery (same-day, next-day, etc.), type of goods, and more. Therefore, it is important to check the pricing structure of the company before finalizing the one.

Delivery Speed

To gain a competitive advantage and enhance customer experience, it is important to ensure speedy deliveries. Look for a courier company that offers expedited delivery services, such as same-day/next-day delivery, overnight delivery, express delivery, and day courier.

Experience and Expertise

It is great if the courier company in the UK has prior experience and expertise in handling and delivering the type of goods your business offers. The company would easily understand customers’ behavior and your business requirements. 

Tech Infrastructure

Make sure the courier company in the UK uses advanced courier management solutions to streamline courier operations, provide you granular level visibility into courier operations, and communicate with customers.

4 Challenges Smart Automation Can Solve for Courier Companies in UK

Smart Delivery Scheduling for Improved Customer Convenience

According to Statista, 27.7% of the customers said that being available at the delivery location at an inconvenient time is one of the main challenges with courier services. Offering the flexibility of choosing delivery time windows can resolve this challenge.

Logistics automation implemented through a smart courier management platform helps courier companies to automate dispatch and route optimization processes to ensure deliveries within specific time windows.

Validating Failed Delivery Attempts and NDRs with Customer in Real-Time

A fake delivery attempt is one of the biggest problems encountered with parcel deliveries. According to Statista, around 26.7% of customers face this problem. A fake delivery attempt means a customer who is waiting for his/her order receives a message saying “delivery couldn’t be done due to the unavailability of the customer”.  

A smart courier management platform enables courier companies in the UK to minimize this problem by automatically sending a message or call as soon as a driver marks an order “undelivered”. Through that message or call, customers can validate the delivery status or raise a complaint.

Real-Time and Dynamic ETAs for Flawless Delivery Orchestration

As much as 12.9% of customers said that their parcel was left at an unsecured place. Similarly, 7.4% of customers said that their order was delivered to a different location. Intelligent courier management solutions offer real-time order tracking to all stakeholders to keep them updated with the status of their orders. It is also powered by capabilities like geo-tracking that automatically trigger alerts in case of misroutes, diversions, delays, unplanned stoppages, and more.

courier management software in UK

Arresting Delays with AI-Powered Optimization

Late delivery is also one of the main problems encountered by customers in the UK. It directly impacts a brand’s reputation and customer retention rate. Advanced courier management platforms help courier companies to automate time-consuming processes and speed up the delivery process. With features like intelligent delivery route planning, the courier management solution finds the optimal delivery routes that increase the chances for on-time deliveries.

Apart from overcoming the aforementioned challenges, the smart courier management platform also empowers courier companies to make data-driven decisions leveraging data analytics. It enables them to seamlessly manage, communicate, and collaborate with all their clients (retailers, e-commerce companies, etc.) through smart dashboards.

Shipsy: Custom Courier Management Solution For Courier Companies In The UK

Shipsy offers a smart courier management solution to empower courier companies in the UK to seamlessly manage courier and parcel deliveries. This SaaS-based solution offers granular level visibility into the courier operations to maintain transparency among stakeholders. Powered by cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data analytics, Shipsy’s courier management software facilitates first, middle, and last-mile management.

By implementing Shipsy’s courier management platform, courier companies can minimize manual intervention, cope with growing customer demands, enhance customer experience, and unlock benefits such as:

  • 45% decrease in customer onboarding time
  • 23% reduction in last mile delivery costs 
  • 12% decrease in mid mile costs
  • 28% reduction in customer complaints
  • 18% increase in the net promoter score 
  • 96-97% growth in real-time last-mile transaction volume

To know more about the courier management solution, visit our website or contact our experts here.


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