How is hyperlocal delivery different from last-mile delivery?


How is hyperlocal delivery different from last-mile delivery?

The E-commerce industry has evolved in profound ways over the past few years. The main reason behind it is the growing use of technology-enabled platforms. Apart from this, rising consumer expectations and COVID-19 pandemic has also proven to be a fuel to this growth. Those running physical stores are moving to digital platforms to run their business during COVID-led restrictions and lock down. Considering e-commerce growth from 2020 till date, it would be no wrong to say that the e-commerce industry has witnessed a huge upsurge. 

And if you, too, have recently moved your business to the digital world or have been there for a while but unable to delight your customers, then you must upgrade your delivery management methods. This article will help you with that. Here, we have mentioned two of the most preferred and trending delivery methods that you can choose from. By the end of this article, you would be able to understand the difference between the two and which one is suitable for your business. We are talking about hyperlocal delivery and last-mile/final mile delivery. Both these terms might sound a bit similar but there is a huge difference between them.

Let’s start with the definition-

What is Hyperlocal delivery?

Hyperlocal delivery involves delivering goods directly from a seller to customer. A courier agent or an in-house rider picks up the goods and delivers it to the customer’s address. This type of delivery method is generally chosen by those offering their products/services in a small geographical area. Deliveries normally take place within hours. 

What is last-mile delivery?

Final mile or last mile delivery is usually done by courier agents. In this type of delivery, the transportation of orders/consignments is done from a centralized hub to the customer’s doorsteps. LMD comes after the first mile (transportation of goods from seller to a hub) and middle mile (hub to hub) delivery.

Last Mile Delivery Vs. Hyperlocal Delivery

Now when you know the key differences between both these types of deliveries, let’s move ahead and know how to manage hyper-local and last mile deliveries. To deliver a delightful customer experience and achieve complete customer satisfaction, it is imperative to rely on automation. By using last-mile delivery software and delivery management software, you can effortlessly manage both these types of deliveries.

For this, you can reach out to Shipsy and get a customized last-mile delivery solution or delivery management software. Both the software offered by the company are SaaS-based and deployed over the cloud. With these solutions, you would be able to achieve your delivery goals and customer satisfaction.


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