How Logistics Software Solution Can Help Your Business to Deliver Excellent Customer Experience?


How Logistics Software Solution Can Help Your Business to Deliver Excellent Customer Experience?

Do you know even after creating a feature-rich website/app or using top-class software for predicting future demands of your customers, or stocking up the shelves in your warehouse, you can fail to meet your customer expectations? We are not kidding. Providing the right products to your customers would not work in your favour if you are not able to deliver them on time.

And, with that traditional logistics management processes, no business with a considerable customer base can assure timely delivery without increasing the shipping cost. However, by automating your logistics management processes, the goal of delivering an unmatchable customer experience and achieving 100% customer satisfaction seems so close to reality.

This automation can be done by integrating logistics software solution to your business. Most of the LMS software gets easily integrated into your ERP to manage new orders and process the existing ones using the smart allocation system. Here is how the software can help you deliver an unparalleled experience to your customers.

Here Is The Main Key Functions of Logistics Software Solution

Real-time Tracking

Every online shopper wants their order to be delivered either on the same or next day. However, it is not possible for most of the businesses to offer same-day or next-day delivery services for all their serviceable areas. But what they can do is to provide real-time order tracking service by sending customers a tracking link right after placing the order.

Using real-time tracking options, customers can know the updated status of their order. Moreover, they can also check the reasons behind delayed delivery of their order. The feature would also help to reduce the number of calls to your customer support center. Maintaining complete transparency leads to customer satisfaction, which is the ultimate goal of a business.

Rescheduling Delivery

Most of the logistics systems (mainly the one offered by a leading LMS provider, Shipsy) these days come up with end-user visibility, where the customer receives a tracking link. They either use that link to change the time or date for delivery so that a driver doesn’t have to make a failed attempt.

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Contactless Delivery

This pandemic has made offering contactless delivery service necessary for almost all the businesses. And a logistics software solution can make the same possible by allowing delivery agents to collect the proof of delivery through photo capture or OTP. Yes, the delivery agent would not ask for your signatures to ensure zero-contact delivery.

Change in the Delivery Address

Just like change in delivery time, a customer can also modify the delivery address to receive their order on some other location or if they have provided an incorrect one. They can do this through the tracking link and the LMS will automatically update the same in the driver app. A delivery agent would make an attempt for delivery on the updated address only. Apart from altering the address, customers can also pin the exact location on the maps so that the delivery agent does not find it difficult to locate the address. Doing this would increase the chance of first-attempt delivery, and hence would improve the experience of the customers.

Delivery ETA

With the end-user visibility feature available in a logistics system solution, customers can check delivery ETA (estimated time of arrival). This would help them when they will receive their order.

Share Delivery Feedback

Customers can also share delivery-related feedback, which would help businesses to check which carrier is performing well. It also helps them to improve their logistics operations. A customer can also raise a concern if they don’t receive any order on time or receive an “order delivered” message for the product they haven’t received. The LMS will receive an alert and merchants can look into the concern to resolve it in time.

On-time Deliveries

Automating your logistics operation through logistics software solution would speed up the entire delivery process, which will ensure timely delivery of every order. Delivering orders on time also helps to attain customer satisfaction.

The logistics management software offering all these advanced features to your prestigious customers would lead to business success and customer satisfaction. By integrating the one into your existing ERP, you can be sure of timely delivery while utilizing the resources efficiently.

Where to get an LMS?

To get a customized logistics system for your business, you can contact Shipsy- a leading provider in this industry. Shipsy’s LMS comes up with a merchant app, operation dashboard, driver app, end-user panel, and other amazing features that can make any business save time and cost, and get complete customer satisfaction.

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