How to Choose the Best Express Delivery Software in Saudi Arabia?


Created on March 19, 2021

You want to purchase a mobile phone online and an e-commerce store is showing its expected delivery within 3 days. There is another e-store that is delivering the same mobile phone on the same day. Which one do you choose? Of course, the latter one. This short example is enough to understand the changing delivery-related expectations of today’s customers.

Nobody loves to wait for their order; even customers are also willing to subscribe for the memberships for getting free and express deliveries. Considering this situation, it would be no wrong to say that an e-commerce company taking too long to deliver its products might lose its customer base gradually.

As the world combats with Covid-19 impact, e-commerce is one of key industries driving the market growth. Talking particularly about Saudi Arabia, last-mile delivery is the biggest challenge ahead businesses. The prime reason behind it is that there are no postal codes/rarely used. Riders associated with the express delivery companies had to struggle to locate the addresses. They often have to ask for the landmarks or request WhatsApp locations to deliver orders. This can cause problems like increased RTO and delayed deliveries.

If you, too, are running an e-commerce or any other business where the timely and cost-effective delivery of the products matters a lot, then offering express delivery services can help you to have an edge over your competitors. Moreover, it can also contribute to an increase in the customer base and loyalty. But the main question here is- which is the best express delivery software in Saudi Arabia.

An express delivery software that is designed to meet particular delivery-related needs of your business is one the best for you. So, you should look for custom-made express delivery software. Besides, check for the following features in the software:

Hassle-free integration

The express delivery software should be easy and quick to integrate with your present ERP system so that you can upgrade your delivery management in no time. Also, make sure the company you are purchasing the software from provides a detailed demo of the software to make your professionals understand every feature and functionality.

Automated parcel sorting and allocation

The express delivery software performing the parcel segregation and allocation task can save a huge amount of time and efforts. Therefore, you need to ensure this feature in the software. It should consider all the allocation rules (delivery time window, type of product, volume of products, etc.) for allocating orders to the right vehicle and driver.

Optimization of routes

Manually choosing delivery routes is a tedious job that not only eats up a lot of time but also needs a huge team of professionals. Express delivery software that comes up with an automated route planning and optimization feature can be a boon and save cost and time. Therefore, don’t forget to look for this feature. It would be good if the software also provides dynamic route planning and multi-stop route planning features.

Real-time order tracking

The software should have a feature to track every consignment in real-time. The feature should be accessible to both the vendor and the end-customer. This would not only improve customer experience but also minimize customer’s calls to your support centre.

Trip management for riders

The software should have a dedicated panel or application to help riders manage trips efficiently. The panel would help them to check preferred delivery time of customers, their particular delivery-related requirements, notifications when a customer modifies or cancels the order, and the route for the delivery.

End-customer visibility

The software should provide means to bring transparency in the operations so that customers can communicate directly to the riders. They can submit feedback on the delivery or raise complaints if the order gets delayed.

To get express delivery software with all these features, you can contact Shipsy. The company offers SaaS-based software that can be quickly customized and deployed. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the software as the company takes care of it. In case, if your business grows, you can also ask for adding new features to your software. Get it right away to improve your delivery operations, save delivery cost, and delight your customers. 


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