How To Determine Your Business Needs Transport Solutions?


How To Determine Your Business Needs Transport Solutions?

Gone are the days when waiting for days to get your order delivered was considered normal. Now is the time of same-day and next-day deliveries. Those who cannot offer this service, mainly for locations that are quite far, provide delivery within the given time. And to ensure safe and timely delivery of goods from the warehouse to customers’ place, efficient transport management is imperative.

Transport management, if done using the traditional ways, won’t be able to meet modern customers’ expectations. Therefore, you need transport management software to make sure every order delivers on the committee time.

Your business needs transport solutions if you are facing any of these issues:

Difficulty in managing orders manually

Managing new orders include segregating them on the basis of their type, delivery location, weight, and volume and other parameters. Now imagine a company like Amazon, which receives hundreds of orders in an hour, segregating every order manually. How would they be able to offer same-day or even the next-day delivery service? Not just the Amazon, a business with a considerable customer base won’t be able to make it because many processes need to be performed after categorizing the orders.

Problem with finding the right vehicle and assigning orders manually

After segregating the order, the next process is to choose the right vehicle that is a perfect fit for the type of goods to be delivered. Now, if you have to hire two different teams to get the required details (weight limitations, volume, and more) on vehicles, decide the loading and unloading order, and assign the vehicles, then it would incur a huge cost.

Problem with finding efficient routes for deliveries

If you are facing trouble with manually finding routes to decide which order would be delivered first and what route the driver should take for delivering the next order, then you need a TMS.  

High fuel cost

Manually assigning orders to a vehicle cannot guarantee using a vehicle’s capacity to the fullest, which would require more vehicles to deliver orders that can fit into one. And, more vehicles on the road means high fuel cost.

Inability to track drivers in real-time

If you have to hire a separate team just to make a hundred calls a day to check on the status of the order every time a customer calls you for the same, then you need a TMS.

Delayed deliveries

Even a few hours of delay in product delivery can bring disappointment and dissatisfaction. Therefore, you need to optimize and automate all your transport-related processes to ensure every task accomplishes at a defined time.

Now, if your business is facing any of these issues you better opt for a transportation management software right away. The next question that must be in your mind is which transport solutions is best for your business.

Since every business is different; its transport-related requirements would be obviously different. And, to meet the same, you need a customized transport management system from a reliable provider such as Shipsy. Shipsy’s TMS software uses top technologies such as artificial intelligence to offer top-notch features and services.

Here is what you can get with Shipsy’s TMS:

  • Hassle-free integration- To integrate the software with your existing ERP.
  • Automated order management- To take care of the new orders and process existing ones for the delivery.
  • Vehicle capacity utilization- To segregate orders based on their type, weight, volume, delivery address, and other parameters and then assign it to a suitable vehicle considering various vehicle constraints.
  • Real-time trip tracking- To track drivers and consignments in real-time and know status on ongoing trips, returning trips, and more.
  • Route planning- To generate the most efficient trips for order delivery; dynamic route planning to get the new route in case a customer cancels the order or changes the delivery time or address.
  • Delivery ETA- To offer customers real-time tracking and let them know the expected arrival time of their order.·       Share the delivery experience- To let customers share their delivery experience or raise a complaint.

Get customized transport solutions today!


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