How to execute hyperlocal deliveries effortlessly?


How to execute hyperlocal deliveries effortlessly?

The hyperlocal delivery model has gained immense popularity over the past few years. The model is suitable for the businesses that want to deliver goods directly to their customers. In hyperlocal delivery, a courier agent or rider picks up the goods from the seller and delivers it to the customer’s doorsteps. This type of model is acting not less than a boon for medicine, meat, grocery, and food delivery businesses. Some of the major aspects of the hyperlocal delivery model are service time, demand, and execution. Running hyperlocal deliveries is not a child’s play; one has to take care of several aspects to ensure timely and cost-controlled pickups and deliveries. These aspects include- 

Scheduling deliveries 

To achieve complete customer satisfaction, providing them the utmost convenience is necessary. You can do this by making them choose the delivery time window; i.e. the time when they want to receive their order. Hyperlocal delivery systems work on the back-end with predefined rules and algorithms that considers this time along with the other factors to schedule deliveries accordingly. 

Order allocation

Once the vendor or the merchant receives an order, the next step is to source the delivery agent to facilitate pick up from the nearest pickup point in the shortest time possible. Besides, it is also mandatory to ensure that the order gets delivered within the committed time frame. This raises the need for the drivers to have an app or such systems that they can use to accept or reject orders. 

Real-time order tracking

Real-time tracking of the deliveries is essential for both the merchants and customers. Therefore, it cannot be made to part from the hyperlocal delivery model. The feature helps to avoid problems like missed or delayed deliveries, high cost, and more. 

Route optimization

Just like logistics and transportation management systems, route planning and optimizations plays a pivotal role in hyperlocal deliveries. 

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Service point deliveries

Providing the customers with the option of self-pickup is also an integral part of this type of delivery system. One should have the freedom to choose the service points for picking up their order. 

Visibility on ETA

Offering customers the control and visibility on their order deliveries contributes to customer satisfaction and customer retention. By providing them visibility on the estimated time of arrival for their orders works the same. It is a crucial part of the hyperlocal delivery model. 

Payment gateway integration

To allow customers to pay for their orders through different modes and to promote cashless deliveries, integrating payment gateway is imperative. Hyperlocal delivery models include it as one of the key features. 

Contactless deliveries

Facilitating contactless deliveries, especially due to the onset of coronavirus pandemic, is no longer a choice. It has become a necessity for every business to offer this feature to their customers. Hyperlocal deliveries, too, consider it as a priority. 

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Sharing delivery feedback

Collecting delivery feedback from customers helps in improving delivery-related processes and taking better decisions for the business. It is one of the most crucial features that no company should avoid. 

Managing all the aspects of hyperlocal deliveries, manually, is definitely a daunting task that requires huge resources and money. The best alternative to this is to invest in a hyperlocal delivery software that facilitates all the aforementioned features. And if you are looking for such software, then Shipsy is where you should go. The company offers SaaS-based hyperlocal delivery system software to help medical, grocery, food, and other industries to manage their deliveries while saving big on the time, cost, and efforts. 


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