How to improve on-demand delivery and fulfilment experience?


How to improve on-demand delivery and fulfilment experience?

The constant paradigm shift in consumer expectations and behaviour has led businesses to ditch their traditional ways of work and incline towards tech-enabled platforms. Here, change in the expectations and behaviour not only means providing them a great online shopping experience, but also improving their delivery experience. Besides same-day and next-day delivery, one more trend that is creating a buzz in the industry is on-demand delivery. It would be no wrong to say that on-demand deliveries has become a part of everyday life, especially for those living in the urban areas. 

There are only a few brands or enterprises that have been able to cope with this trend; however, to facilitate the same they are investing heavily in the technology and manpower both. On the other hand, most enterprises, mainly startups or mid-sized companies, are finding it difficult to extend on-demand deliveries due to inefficient last-mile delivery systems. Before we dig deeper into how to improve on-demand fulfilment and delivery experience, let’s throw a light on the roadblocks-

On-demand fulfilment and delivery experience- Key challenges

  • Delivering more orders in limited time frame
  • Lack of coordination between various teams
  • Inefficient use of resources
  • Improper delivery flow
  • Traditional delivery management systems
  • High delivery cost
  • Inability to manage during peak hours or season
  • Lack of operational transparency
  • Lack of communication with the consumers

Improving on-demand delivery and fulfilment experience

Automate your last-mile delivery operations 

Automating your delivery-related processes is undoubtedly a need of the hour. It helps in reducing the dependency on human resources; it also accelerates the completion of every delivery process, which contributes to on-time deliveries of goods at minimal cost. You can bring automation to managing orders, tracking consignments, assigning drivers and vehicles for delivery, communicating with customers, and managing drivers to save big on the cost, time, and efforts. 

Precise delivery quotes and effortless scheduling features

Provide your customers with the option for delivery and pickup at the time of checkout. But to offer the same, you need to focus on managing the inventory, availability of fleet, and other related factors. Besides, you also need to have control over the ongoing activities and the status of your consignments (in short, complete last-mile delivery operations) to offer convenient fulfilment options, such as click and collect or same-day delivery. 

Maintain a balance between flexible delivery and fulfilment

Coordination between flexible delivery and fulfilment is mandatory to extend deliveries in a short time. Flow for both these processes should be completely automated and synchronized. Also, ensure that you can monitor the flow and involved activities from a single dashboard. This will ease up end-to-end delivery management from receiving orders to the final delivery. Automation, using the delivery management software, would be a one-time investment. However, hiring specialized professionals for this task might take a toll on your delivery budget.

Establish local stores or warehouses

To reduce delivery costs and time, it is advisable to set up local warehouses and stores. This would help in quick order fulfilment and speedy delivery. It will also contribute to reducing the overall delivery costs. 

Driver visibility

To optimize delivery times and streamline delivery operations, it is imperative to have driver visibility. Besides, operations like digitized proof of delivery, real-time driver tracking, and more can help in smooth run of the business. 

Almost all the aforementioned points direct to the path of automation. So, if you want to opt for it right away, then get Shipsy’s delivery management software that facilitates complete automation of the delivery processes. The software can be tailored as per your particular needs and deployed in no time. Get it today to improve your on-demand delivery and fulfilment experience. 


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