How to optimize inbound and outbound logistics?


How to optimize inbound and outbound logistics?

As the whole world combats with coronavirus outbreak, efficient management of supply chain operations has become crucial for every organization. But what’s more important is to understand inbound and outbound logistics, which acts as building blocks for the supply chain management.

As the name implies, inbound logistics is responsible for the inflow of the raw material from various suppliers to the manufacturing plants and then to the warehouse. On the other hand, outbound logistics is reverse of the former. The latter deals with the processes involved to deliver the goods from the vendor’s place to the customer’s destination. Let’s know a bit more about outbound and inbound logistics.

Inbound logistics  

The processes involved in this type of logistics include:

  • Procuring raw material
  • Generating receipts of goods received
  • Reverse logistics

Outbound logistics  

Steps involved in this type of logistics are:

  • Processing order
  • Initiating pickup requests
  • Preparing the package
  • Sorting or segregating the packages
  • Shipping
  • Delivery at the customer’s doorsteps

Both these logistics play a pivotal role in streamlining a business logistics and ensuring customer satisfaction. Also, performing both the inbound and outbound logistics operations manually can be a tedious and time-consuming task. And that’s where the need of logistics optimization or management comes into picture.

How to manage inbound or outbound logistics operations of a business?

The core purpose of logistics management is to streamline logistics operations, enhance productivity, and make the entire logistics management cost-effective. Here is how it can be done-

Increasing automation

You can automate processes that consume a lot of time and require a great deal of efforts. Some of these processes include route optimization, dynamic route planning, and GPS tracking. Doing this can help your business to accelerate the parcel delivery speed and ease up delivery management.

Integrating logistics management software

With the increasing consumer demands and changing industry trends, opting for logistics management software is no longer a choice. Moreover, it is better to automate all the logistics operations with one software than to buy multiple software for the automation of different processes.

With logistics management software, especially Shipsy’s SaaS-based, you can get quick deployment and complete customization. The software not only automates processes like order allocation, route optimization, and vehicle capacity utilization, but also facilitates real-time tracking, dedicated driver app, and end-customer visibility.

Improving customer experience

Delivering an unmatched customer experience is the main objective of every business. Logistics management software can help in achieving this goal by providing the end-customers complete visibility on their order. Moreover, it allows the customers to check delivery ETA, reschedule deliveries, and submit delivery-related feedback.

Developing strong relationships with 3PL

If you have chosen one or multiple third-party logistics partners, then it is important to look after their operations to ensure timely deliveries and customer satisfaction. Advanced logistics management software can help you manage your 3PL as well. You can manage multiple third-party logistics partners from a single dashboard.

Inbound and Outbound logistics challenges that can be overcome by logistics software

Logistics automation, done using Shipsy’s logistics management software, can help your business to overcome the following challenges or problems:

  • Poor visibility on the logistics and transport operations
  • Increasing logistics cost
  • Dependency on the human resources
  • Lack of communication between the internal team and with the end-customer
  • Delayed deliveries
  • Inability to manage in-plant or warehouse operations
  • Vehicle maintenance cost
  • Inability to make data-driven decisions

So, what are you waiting for? Optimize your supply chain management efficiency by replacing your traditional logistics management ways with Shipsy’s logistics management software.  


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