Logistics Management Software for e-commerce companies


Logistics Management Software for e-commerce companies

“Better deliveries make happy customers”- the statement fits perfectly when it comes to the e-commerce industry. The technology-driven era, where the customer has the privilege to shop products merely with a few taps on their mobile screens, has brought new delivery trends, such as few hours, same-day, and next-day delivery. Businesses have got no choice but to upgrade their logistics operations to cope with these changes and outdo the competitors that are already offering them.

Advancing the logistics operations is also essential to sustain and thrive in the e-commerce world that is booming at an unprecedented rate. With traditional methods and practices of logistics management, it is not possible to meet the growing expectations of customers and manage huge orders.

The significance of logistics in e-commerce industry

The trend of “buy anywhere, deliver everywhere” has changed the rules of the e-commerce industry. Brands in the e-commerce world are continuously improving their logistics and transportation operations for the smooth movement of goods from one place to another. This management is crucial to maintain a balance between efficiency, cost, and time, which contributes to deliver an exceptional experience to customers.

Logistics challenges for the e-commerce companies

Logistics challenges for the e-commerce companies might be different in different regions. But, some of the common problems that most of the e-commerce companies face are:

Multi-routing problem

Increase in customer base leads to the increase in number of orders. Manage these orders and their delivery to different places may cause vehicle routing issues. Riders, having all delivery locations written on paper, have to decide the delivery route on their own, which not only eats up a lot of time but also impacts their efficiency.

Locating delivery locations

Riders may find it difficult to locate delivery addresses due to one of the following reasons- incomplete addresses, wrong address, or road restrictions. Occurrence of this problem further causes delay in deliveries, and hence, customer dissatisfaction or return to origin.

Real-time consignment tracking

Tracking the field workforce is yet another challenge in front of e-commerce companies. Poor consignment visibility affects business productivity and also increases in the number of calls to the customer support centre.

Increased logistics cost

Manual management of processes like order allocation, route planning, COD calculation, finding drivers and vehicles for the delivery, and more increases time without even guaranteeing precision in the outputs.

How logistics management software can help e-commerce companies?

Logistics management system or software developed using technologies such as AI and ML is a perfect solution to all the logistics problems. Even the e-commerce behemoths like Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay use logistics software for the smooth run of their logistics operations and enhance customer experience.

Logistics software automates processes that otherwise require huge time, efforts, and manpower. By doing this, it ensures seamless deliveries at minimum shipping cost and in the least time possible. It offers features like-

  • Easy integration with existing ERP/SAP
  • Smart order allocation
  • Vehicle capacity utilization
  • Automated route planning
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Dedicated driver app
  • COD remittance calculation
  • Digitized proof of delivery collection
  • End-customer visibility
  • Reports and analytics

All these features make logistics management a cakewalk. An e-commerce company can manage their operations with just a few human resources. Moreover, they can also provide their customers an option to track their order, which would not only increase customer satisfaction but also reduce the number of calls to their customer support centre. If you, too, want such a solution for your e-commerce business, then connect to the best logistics software provider, Shipsy. 


Overcoming challenges like multi-routing, dynamic routing, real-time tracking, timely delivery, locating the right address, and others is not easy for an e-commerce company. But using logistics software for managing logistics operations can keep these problems at bay. To get the one for your business, reach out to the best logistics software for e-commerce company provider, Shipsy.


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