Minimize Fuel Cost and Delivery Time using Intelligent Clustering


Minimize Fuel Cost and Delivery Time using Intelligent Clustering

Minimize Fuel Cost And Delivery Time Using Intelligent Clustering

The line between disorder and order lies in logistics. When your logistics are backed up by an efficient documentation and tracking software, it makes the operations sturdier. In today’s world, shipping is an essential part of logistics. A well-equipped digital platform is a crucial factor in managing such vast operations across national and international boundaries.

Automation is the new logistic trend and quite precisely the need of the hour too. Every industry thrives today with the backing up of automation in different sectors. With the help of automating a lot of tasks, several resources can be saved. Freight can be transported via different mediums, and the system should be able to assist in transporting your freight in the most feasible manner possible. A Transport Management System is the best possible solution to these needs.

Here’s how it works:   

1.    Geocoding                                                                                                                                                 

Geocoding involves reverse engineering actual coordinates from static addresses. These coordinates are then used to guide the rider to the addresses on every trip. This particular feature contributes to increasing the operational efficiency of the organization by saving fuel and time. Since it is challenging to locate coordinates because of complexities in address data integrity precisely, this technology avoids manual intervention, scope for errors, confusion etc. Geocoding also leads to more customer satisfaction as the customer gets hassle-free delivery.
2.    Route Optimization and Fleet Management System                                                                               With Route optimization capabilities and an extensive Fleet Management system, the trips are planned expertly. Many different constraints like weight, volume,etc. are used to distribute consignments efficiently. The accurate calculation of packing efficiency helps the maximum utilization of space. This system aims to increase Consignments per vehicle, which is the most important indicator of effectiveness. Another advantage of this system is that the vehicle availability can be controlled, which helps to manage the vehicle roster in a better manner. The analytics of this module can be used to track progress and improvement of the day to day operations over time. With this around 20% of the fuel cost can be saved along with time thereby increasing productivity.
3.    Intelligent Clustering                                                                                                                                The capability of intelligent clustering of consignments while devising trips and optimizing routes is a path-breaker. The system identifies multiple consignments of a single area through geocoding and then plans the trip in such a manner that one particular vehicle with one trip is responsible for doing deliveries in the designated area. Through smart clustering, saving freight fuel, time and a whole lot of money is definitely going to happen.


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