Top Ten Best Multi Carrier Parcel Management Software


Top Ten Best Multi Carrier Parcel Management Software

With customers demanding faster, cheaper, and more flexible delivery options, businesses are under immense pressure to streamline their logistics operations to meet customer expectations while keeping costs under control. And for this, most businesses outsource their logistics operations to one or more than one carrier. Third-party logistics service providers or carriers help businesses to expand their geographical reach, offer multiple delivery options to their customers, minimize delivery costs, ensure faster transit times, and improve customer experience.

Partnering with multiple carriers definitely relieves businesses from the hassle of managing logistics operations; however, it involves additional responsibility, i.e., to manage and monitor their performance. Multi-carrier management is required to ensure that each carrier meets delivery SLAs and enhances customer experience. Here is when a multi carrier parcel management software comes into play.

What is a Multi Carrier Parcel Management Software

Multi carrier parcel management software empowers businesses to monitor the performance of multiple carriers or logistics service providers from a single dashboard. By using the software, businesses can gain complete visibility and control over their shipments, measure carrier performance, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Ten Best Multi Carrier Parcel Management Software for Businesses

Here is the list of the top ten multi carrier parcel management software:

1. Shipsy

Shipsy offers one of the best multi carrier parcel management software to businesses of all types and sizes. The software empowers businesses to manage and monitor all their third-party logistics services providers or carriers from one dashboard. It is pre-integrated with more than 120 carriers to allow businesses onboard new 3PLs without any hassle. The software leverages AI and ML capabilities to allocate orders to the right carriers considering multiple parameters such as the past performance of carriers, costs, order type (COD/Prepaid), and more.

It also allows real-time tracking of all consignments sent via the same or different carriers under one roof. Apart from checking the real-time status of the parcels, businesses can also check dynamic ETAs to ensure each courier partner meets delivery deadlines. Another amazing feature of the software is status standardization, which allows businesses to standardize parcel delivery-related communication with end-customers, irrespective of the carrier that is making the delivery.

Furthermore, businesses can also ensure seamless management of carriers’ KPIs. They can measure critical metrics such as the number of successful and failed deliveries, first-attempt delivery success rate, rate of returns, etc. To allow e-commerce and other businesses to offer same/next-day deliveries, Shipsy’s multi carrier parcel management solution also offers support for hyperlocal carrier partners and has dynamic driver-level serviceability checks. Some of the other exceptional features of this software include arresting fake delivery attempts, NDR management, and rate and TAT master digitization.

2. ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is a software provider that offers parcel shipping solutions. Their platform caters to e-commerce businesses by offering a wide range of multi-carrier shipping options, including UPS, USPS, FedEx, and various international carriers. With ShippingEasy’s parcel management software, businesses can automate key shipping processes such as shipping, tracking, and product returns.

The parcel management software also boasts an intuitive user interface and seamless integration with e-commerce stores, allowing for efficient order management. Additionally, the platform offers branded shipping options, which allow businesses to print logos on shipping labels and enhance their brand identity.

3. ShipStation

ShipStation is a renowned shipping platform that provides comprehensive shipping solutions to businesses worldwide. It is pre-integrated with 65 carriers to facilitate efficient order deliveries across North America, Europe, and Australia. Headquartered in Austin, this shipping company streamlines shipping processes by offering a range of services, including order management, order fulfillment, and inventory management.

ShipStation caters to the specific needs of retailers by providing customization options such as custom emails and tracking pages. These features allow businesses to create a personalized shipping experience for their customers. Besides multi-carrier management, ShipStation also offers advanced inventory management software to offer functionalities such as multi-parcel and shipment splitting, bulk printing of shipping labels, and automated workflows. These features enable businesses to effectively manage their inventory and streamline their shipping operations.

4. ClickPost

ClickPost specializes in providing comprehensive logistics solutions to e-commerce companies worldwide. It is pre-integrated with over 150 couriers to help businesses deliver worldwide. ClickPost’s multi-carrier shipping solution empowers businesses to manage different carriers from one platform. With access to a wide range of carriers, businesses can compare shipping rates and select the most suitable option.

It comes up with a real-time tracking system that offers real-time updates on the journey of each parcel, ensuring that customers are promptly informed about their shipments. Furthermore, ClickPost’s multi-carrier shipping solution simplifies shipping label generation and order management through a unified dashboard. Powered by artificial intelligence technology, ClickPost’s multi-carrier shipping software automatically assigns carriers based on factors such as customer location, order type, and shipment volume, ensuring the fastest possible delivery.

5. Centiro

Centiro, a Swedish company, has an extensive network consisting of over 100 carriers, enabling businesses to run their operations in more than 120 countries. One of its biggest strengths is its ability to dynamically allocate carriers in real time based on predefined rules. This feature ensures efficient and streamlined parcel management.

Centiro understands the diverse needs of online businesses and offers personalized shipping plans tailored to the specific requirements and scale of each business. Their Delivery Management Cloud service seamlessly integrates with various carriers, enabling customers to choose between same-day and hyperlocal deliveries or opt for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. By leveraging Centiro’s solutions, businesses can achieve cost-effective and speedy deliveries while maintaining their promise to customers.

6. Shippo

Shippo, a San Francisco-based company, offers advanced multi-carrier parcel management solutions to e-commerce companies and other businesses. Their platform seamlessly integrates with a wide range of carrier partners, enabling businesses to offer diverse shipping services both domestically and internationally.

One of Shippo’s key features is its ability to facilitate rate comparison between carriers, as well as offering functionalities such as printing shipping labels, scheduling pickups, and managing returns. Businesses can fully customize their customers’ post-purchase shipping experience, ensuring a tailored and reliable service.

Shippo stands out by providing discounted shipping rates for major carriers like USPS, UPS, and DHL. Their platform swiftly integrates with various e-commerce stores, allowing retailers to establish preset rules for generating shipping labels. Furthermore, Shippo includes address validation capabilities, particularly in the United States, to minimize the occurrence of failed deliveries and improve overall efficiency.

7. XPS Ship

XPS Ship is a shipping management software designed to provide online stores with a range of benefits for managing their deliveries. It offers seamless integration with popular marketplaces and shopping carts worldwide, such as Amazon, Walmart, and WooCommerce.

By collaborating with renowned carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and others, XPS Ship enables the shipment of products across multiple channels. Just like Shippo (another multi carrier parcel management software provider mentioned above), XPS Ship integrates effortlessly with online stores, allowing for the importation of orders and easy comparison of shipping rates across various carriers.

Additionally, one of the notable features of XPS Ship is its ability to streamline the shipping process. With XPS Ship, you can conveniently create an address book for your valued clients and efficiently print shipping labels in batches.

8. MetaPack

MetaPack is a widely recognized shipping and delivery management software solution that operates across various global locations, including France, Germany, the UK, the US, Brazil, and the Netherlands. Its primary function is to establish a seamless connection between online stores and a vast network of over 350 couriers worldwide, thereby optimizing the process of order delivery.

One of the key features of MetaPack is its ability to facilitate Next-day and Same-Day deliveries, ensuring prompt and efficient shipment of orders. Additionally, it offers an automated carrier selection system that considers factors such as destination, shipping class, and order type to streamline the allocation process. This feature is particularly beneficial for handling large order volumes and effectively assigning carriers to individual parcels.

Another notable functionality of MetaPack is its instant shipping label generation capability, enabling retailers to swiftly create labels for their shipments. Moreover, the software empowers retailers by allowing them to present multiple delivery options and estimated time of arrival (ETAs) to customers during the checkout process. This feature enhances transparency and provides customers with the flexibility to choose their preferred delivery method.

9. ShipWorks

ShipWorks is a shipping software company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. It specializes in facilitating domestic and international order distribution through partnerships with six major carriers: FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, OnTrac, and Global Post.

One of ShipWorks’ key features is its seamless integration with popular online marketplaces and shopping carts such as Shopify, PrestaShop, Amazon, and Etsy. In addition to its shipping solutions, ShipWorks offers fulfillment services, including warehouse and order management.

As a SaaS-based solution, ShipWorks provides essential services like intelligent order routing and batch shipment processing. It streamlines shipping workflows, seamlessly integrates with different warehouse management systems (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and ensures uninterrupted order processing.

10. OrderHive

OrderHive is a comprehensive e-commerce automation solution that assists online stores worldwide in managing multiple partners from a unified dashboard. Backed by a network of over 300 carrier partners, OrderHive streamlines order management processes through both a user-friendly mobile app and a web platform.

In addition to its core functionalities, OrderHive provides a range of warehousing solutions, including Amazon inbound shipments, advanced logistics, and reverse logistics management. With smart shipping features, such as bulk order processing and batch generation of shipping labels, OrderHive simplifies the shipping process. Moreover, it allows online retailers to customize shipping rules, such as setting default rules, incorporating due dates, and selecting packing slip templates.

One of the notable features of OrderHive is its ability to display real-time tracking information from carriers directly to customers. By utilizing its shipping software, online stores can compare rates across all supported carriers and select the most cost-effective option based on order size and delivery area. 

Which is the Best Multi Carrier Parcel Management Software

After establishing the top ten multi carrier parcel management software, the next step is to know which among these is the best. While your particular business needs could be one of the key criterias to consider, there is one company that offers multi carrier parcel management software to suit the needs of all types and sizes of businesses. Shipsy’s cloud-based multi carrier management software can fulfill needs of different types of businesses and empower them overcome both the business and tech barriers, including:

  • Manual order allocation system
  • Inability to measure the performance of different carriers
  • Lack of mechanism for managing mid-mile and cross-border movements
  • No standardized NDRs and validation processes across multiple carriers
  • Difficulty tracking consignments journey
  • Inability to manage different APIs

Shipsy’s multi carrier management platform has exceptional features such as automated order allocation, arresting fake/suspicious delivery attempts, performance benchmarking, digitized TAT and rate master, support for hyperlocal partnerships, and real-time delivery alerts to stakeholders. It leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to integrate business intelligence in managing multiple carriers. By using this platform, e-commerce companies and other businesses can build customized reports and visualizations and schedule and automate sharing of reports with stakeholders. It enables businesses to unlock benefits such as:

  • Up to 18% reduction in RTOs (return to origin)
  • Reduce last mile delivery costs by 14%
  • Decrease middle mile costs by 12%
  • Provide unified customer experiences
  • Boost customer experience by 28%

To know more about this solution or to have an idea of how this platform can benefit your particular type of business, schedule a demo now.


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