Onboard All Your Team Members on Shipsy!


Onboard All Your Team Members on Shipsy!

Onboard all your teams on Shipsy!
With Shipsy’s team management tool, enable your teams to work independently with data being accessed only by the respective team members

Access Right on Shipment and Inquires

You can define public (organisation level), private or team access permission for shipments and inquiries while creation, ensuring that information is only shared with the intended people in the organisation, maintaining complete data privacy

Assign POC for Your Shipper

You can also map a POC team and lead for your shipper/ FF/ customer or supplier organisations so that inquiries are sent or responded only by the teams managing the particular stakeholder accounts..

Org Level and Team Level Insights

Teams can view not only their team shipments but also get insights on the team level. Top management and decision-makers can view insights on an overall organisation level as well as team level giving a 360-degree view of the entire organisation

Amit Walia

Experienced professional in logistics technology space and handles sales at Shipsy for Southeast Asia. Helped companies across different sectors reduce inefficiencies in supply chains. His other interests includes economics and psephology.

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