Shipsy Ramps Up Global Expansion and Drives Rapid Tech Innovation With Series B Funding

Soham Chokshi

Shipsy Ramps Up Global Expansion and Drives Rapid Tech Innovation With Series B Funding

The year 2022 has begun on a high note for us at Shipsy. What’s special this year is that we have closed our Series B funding worth 25 Mn co-led by A91 Partners and Z3 Partners and our existing investors Info Edge and Sequoia Capital India’s Surge. The funding comes on the back of our technological prowess and relentless innovation, helping 160+ customers accomplish their business goals.

What takes this glory notches higher are the words from our investors. The video bespeaks the trust they bestow upon us in driving transformation for the logistics and supply chain ecosystem.

Kaushik Anand, Partner, A91 Partners on Shipsy’s Series B funding, speak about what sets Shipsy apart and why they had to definitely must back our Series B.

Here’s another from A91 Partners, where Gautam Mago, General Partner, A91 Partners on Shipsy Series B summarizes what made Shipsy a good investment and a valuable product.

The best part is the excellent customer references that recognize us for innovation and leadership right to the last employee. Gautam Patel, Founder & Managing Partner, Z3 Partners on Shipsy Series B funding sheds light on why Shipsy is best poised to be the number one player in the logistics SaaS industry.

As a profitable startup, the funding will further provide the ammunition to take quick steps towards our vision, which is to become the de-facto logistics operating system globally, such that every shipment that is delivered, whether to a consumer or to a business, whether domestically or internationally, is managed using Shipsy.

We also won the “Enterprise System Sector for Logistics Management” and “Last Mile Technology solution of The Year” at National Startup Awards 2021 and Inflection Awards, respectively. The laurels set the tone for the entire team to continue disrupting the logistics ecosystem with state-of-the-art technology solutions.

This year, we spread our wings further, sailing across to set foot on the shores of South East Asia. Indonesia will host our regional headquarters to extend support to the existing customers and drive new growth opportunities in the SEA region. Indeed, the Shipsy rocket ship is accelerating full throttle.

The feat wouldn’t have been this vibrant without the support of our 220+ strong team of Shipsians, which is growing every day. We recorded a growth rate of 2.5x in ARR and grew its customer base by 75% last year. Today, Shipsy is powering some of the leading manufacturers, retailers, logistics service providers, and on-demand delivery providers across South East Asia and the Middle East to execute their logistics operations seamlessly. To sum it up, India’s largest parcel delivery company, the fastest 10-minute grocery delivery provider, 30-minute pizza delivery company all run on Shipsy. But there is much more to this growth. 

It becomes imperative for us to maintain this momentum and channel the funding towards amplifying our technology armory by investing in advanced AI, ML, Blockchain, and other technologies. Like always, all the developments and innovations will be directed to ensuring fantastic business outcomes for customers will continue to be the priority.  It goes without saying that the investment will also be utilized to foster the employees’ growth and fuel our product-led growth approach to map and establish a strong base in other geographies rapidly.

Read the post to dive deeper into what is next on the horizon and how we plan to add new chapters to this growth story:


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