Taking Customer Trust A Notch Higher: Shipsy is Now SOC 2 Compliant


Created on January 20, 2022

At Shipsy, we are customer-obsessed. We are not just technology providers to our customers. We are partners in their digital transformation and growth journey. Over 150+ customers across the globe trust us with business-critical data and information. Hence, since our inception, we have considered compliance and security as core indicators of customer success. 

A key initiative last year was to start the process of getting ourselves compliant with Service Organizational Control 2 (SOC 2) compliance. We are incredibly excited to announce that now Shipsy is SOC 2 Type I compliant. This reflects our commitment to being worthy of the trust our customers have been bestowing upon us for close to a decade now.

Why SOC 2 Compliance Matters To Us

SOC 2 compliance was critical for us to gauge the strength of our security controls/procedures while processing data and also understand if they are sufficient. Now that we are SOC 2 compliant, we know we have all the prerequisites and appropriate procedures to ensure that our customers’ confidentiality and data are absolutely safe with us.

So, now Shipsy excels in five crucial areas that define SOC 2 criteria. Privacy, security, processing integrity, confidentiality and availability. Let’s talk about these to understand better what it means.

Ensuring Privacy and Security

This means that all the data related to PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is prevented from unauthorized access. It also refers to the fact that all our end-points, especially employee devices, are protected from system abuse and data theft.

Driving Processing Integrity

This highlights that Shipsy’s systems can accurately process data and deliver the same as and when needed, keeping the integrity of the data intact.

Upholding Confidentiality

Ensuring high levels of confidentiality is necessary for both our customers and us as an organization. From deploying robust data encryption to securing our networks with advanced firewalls and ensuring efficient access control management, Shipsy ensures end-to-end confidentiality of data.

Round The Clock Network Availability and Monitoring

Be it a customer or internal stakeholders, SOC 2 compliance ensures that our systems are available round the clock. It also points out that we successfully monitor our network performance and aptly respond to incidents.

What Does SOC 2 Compliance Mean To Our Customers

Now that we have established why SOC 2 compliance was essential for us to achieve, let’s understand what this development means to our customers.

SOC reports are the gold standard for evaluating the controls and practices of technology providers. In other words, it’s an immensely credible way of telling customers that we maintain robust security standards and strict adherence to compliance policies while accessing their data. To pass a SOC 2 audit maintaining these standards is a must. Hence, at any time, our customers can approach us demanding details of networks and systems to verify the SOC 2 audit.

At Shipsy, we will continue to benchmark ourselves against the evolving compliance ecosystem and ensure our technology and people are always a step ahead.


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