The Significance of First-Attempt Delivery for E-Commerce Companies


The Significance of First-Attempt Delivery for E-Commerce Companies

The e-commerce industry has seen a tremendous growth in the last decade, especially during the global pandemic. According to Statista, global revenue in the eCommerce market is expected to reach US$2,723,991m in 2021. The pandemic has created a disruption in almost all the industry and made it necessary for the businesses to go digital. But running an online business doesn’t mean having a website/mobile app and loading it with hundreds of products, it is also necessary to pay attention to the timely and cost-effective deliveries of those products.

Logistics is the segment that is responsible for the smooth and streamlined transportation of goods from the warehouse/vendor’s place to the customers’ doorsteps. Most of you have been already aware of it, but the term you might not be aware of is the first-attempt delivery. It means delivering the products successfully in the first attempt. Now, why is it important? Here are the reasons-

1. To improve customer experience and retain customers

In today’s technology-driven world where customers have the facility to place an order within a few taps on their mobile’s screen, they cannot wait long to get it delivered. Now, delivering the order within the specified time is one thing and delivering it on the first-attempt is another. To achieve both these goals, it is imperative to improve the first-attempt delivery rate. How? Simply, by looking into the preferred delivery time slot, packaging and proceeding the product accordingly, providing them the facility to pin their location, and offering live ETA via a tracking link. This would not only delight customers and improve their experience with your brand, but will also make them shop again.

2. To minimize additional cost

A huge shipping cost is involved in the delivery of goods from source to the destination. But when a customer cancels the order due to delay in delivery, their unavailability on the given address, or any other reason, it is marked as RTO (after multiple delivery attempts). Sending the product back to the warehouse leads to waste of time, effort, and money. Above this, if the customer asks for the product again, the e-commerce company has to incur additional cost for the delivery. In short, first-attempt delivery for an e-commerce retailer means-

  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Increased fuel cost
  • Wastage of storage space in the container or truck
  • Wastage of driver time and efforts
  • Reduced profit margins

3. To increase “word-of-mouth” marketing

As per an online research, around 80% of the satisfied customers share the positive and timely delivery experience with their acquaintances. This “word-of-mouth” marketing doesn’t cost a single penny to the e-commerce company; in fact, it increases the chances of getting more customers.

4. To gain competitive edge

To meet the continuously growing expectations of customers and outdo your competitors, first-attempt delivery plays a crucial role. You can achieve this by improving your last-mile delivery processes.

How to ensure first-attempt delivery?

Manually performing your last mile or logistics operations cannot guarantee delivering your orders on time and increase the first-attempt delivery rate. However, integrating logistics management software to your business to automate most of the logistics operations can help you increase the chances of the first-attempt delivery to a great extent. Wondering how?

With logistics management software, especially the one provided by Shipsy, you can give your customers the leverage to-

Track deliveries in real time

With this feature, customers can check the updated status of their order.

Check live delivery ETA

Customers can check the estimated time of arrival and also the reasons for delay, if any.

Reschedule delivery time and date

As soon as the customer reschedules time, address, or date, the driver gets an instant notification in their app and they don’t attempt for the delivery. Also, they can get new delivery routes in seconds to perform other deliveries.

Pin exact location

Customers can pin their exact location on the map and help the riders to locate the delivery address without any hassle.

Communicate with drivers

The software automatically sends required driver details to customers so that they can communicate with them.

So, opt for Shipsy’s logistics management software today and increase the first-attempt delivery rate. 


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