Track Products Within A Container through Shipsy


Track Products Within A Container through Shipsy

Shipsy’s Container Tracking software automatically tracks container movements across 40+ shipping lines. Now, you can add products inside a container and track the movement at a product level too!
The platform is now enabled to add shipments and send updates through APIs! This ensures complete automation and real time sync with your ERP.

Maintain Product Master

Product codes along with description can be maintained in the setup section of the tool. These can also be synced automatically from your ERP system.

Add Products To Container

While adding Container Numbers, you can also add product codes and quantity in the same file. This can also be pushed in the Container Addition API.

View Container Tracking and Insights at Product level too

Container tracking automaton across 40+ shipping line with auto ETA refresh will now also be available at product level. These reports can be extracted and analysed.

Amit Walia

Experienced professional in logistics technology space and handles sales at Shipsy for Southeast Asia. Helped companies across different sectors reduce inefficiencies in supply chains. His other interests includes economics and psephology.

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