DTDC Automates First-Mile Operations and Increases Sources for Order Bookings to Open New Revenue Streams

Internationally DTDC ships to more than 220 destinations, it has 430 operating facilities in India and works with 9500 logistics partners.

DTDC deployed Shipsy’s automation and seamless integration powered logistics management solution to efficiently obtain orders from multiple sources like big/small eCommerce brands, wholesalers, D2C companies, manufacturers and individual retail customers.

Digitizing critical franchise operations and enhancing retail customer experience were two other factors behind embracing Shipsy. Download this data-rich case study to learn how DTDC:

Key Takeaways

  • Ensured up to 97% growth in real-time last-mile transaction volume
  • Reduced customer query calls per order by 12%
  • Ensured seamless cash-handling process for cash-on-demand deliveries
  • Eliminated location inaccuracy by using address intelligence

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