Imerys S.A. Saves USD 180K/year & Reduces Time Spent On Tracking By 52 Days


Imerys S.A. specializes in the production and processing of industrial minerals. It has 15,000+ customers, operates in 142 countries and manages 10,000 containers in APAC alone and 300,000 tons of cargo in APAC every year.

To address critical container tracking challenges, they deployed Shipsy’s real-time solution that provides a unified dashboard to gain greater visibility and control of container freight movement across multimodal logistics operations. Here’s a glance at some of the critical benefits Imerys is reaping post-Shipsy implementation.

Key Takeaways:

  • A total savings of USD 180K/year in shipping was realized
  • Reduction in USD 100K in detention and demurrage fees
  • Time spent on manual container tracking was reduced by 52 days

Download the case study and learn how Imerys S.A. leveraged real-time container tracking to drive cost-efficient multimodal logistics operations.

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