Leading Online Pharmacy Chain Reduces Delivery TAT by 18% Using A Unified Delivery Management Solution


A leading omnichannel pharmacy store in India leveraged Shipsy’s smart logistics management solution to address multiple logistical challenges. These include poor delivery visibility, rising first attempt delivery failures, lack of capabilities to deliver on stringent SLAs, inefficient resource management due to growing manual interventions, absence of intelligent driver payout defining processes, and others.

To get insights on how the customer automated and optimized critical delivery processes using Shipsy, download the full case study now.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how automation can reduce the average delivery time by 20 mins
  • Know how developing key technological capabilities can double order volumes
  • Get insights into driving analytics-based decision making and improved reporting
  • Acces tips to ensure driver availability and drive KPI-based driver payouts

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