Seamless Delivery Orchestration Helps A Leading Retailer To Boost First Attempt Deliveries By 8% & Pickups within 24hrs By 30%


Growing first attempt failures, inability to efficiently orchestrate orders between own riders and 3PLs, lack of visibility and standardization of delivery processes, and the inability to capture fake delivery attempts, among other challenges, were weighing down the delivery operations of our customer – a leading Saudi Arabian retailer.

Download the case study to gain critical insights into the key business benefits realized after implementing Shipsy’s automation-powered intelligent delivery orchestration solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how you can and surge order pickups within 24hrs by 30%
  • Why deep integrations with WNS is pivotal to picking & packing processes
  • Know how boost first-attempt success rate by 8%
  • How real-time visibility accurately arrest fake delivery attempts
  • Best practices to increase deliveries completed within 1-4 days by 24%

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