Quick Commerce Provider Leverages Automation to Drive 10 Minute Grocery Delivery Across Cities


A fast-growing on-demand delivery provider deployed Shipsy’s smart logistics management solution to tide over critical operational complexities. Some of these challenges include the risk of system breakdown when processing large order volumes, completely manual CoD settlement, inability to scale deliveries, lack of transparency leading to distrust between managers and drivers regarding payouts, and more.

To understand how the customer developed technological capabilities to overcome these challenges and navigate the hyper-growth phase, download the case study right away.

Key Takeaways

  • Best-practices on scaling on demand delivery business by 25x in 6 months
  • Understand how automation can help auto allocate 99.7% of orders
  • Learn how to drive highly agile delivery operations with reduced manual intervention
  • Know how to expedite order fulfillment to drive 10-minute deliveries
  • Get insights into driving proof-based and fair driver payout management

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