Real-Time Container Tracking Helps Jain Irrigation Systems Save US$ 1.75 M Annually


Our client, Jain Irrigation Systems, is the largest micro-irrigation company in the world. It has 33 manufacturing bases across the globe, works with 11,000 dealers worldwide, supplies products to 126+ countries, and positively impacts the lives of 10 million+ farmers. Despite its rapidly intensifying international logistics operations, the inability to efficiently track container shipment ETAs and provide customers with a real-time container tracking environment resulted in inefficient logistics planning, financial dents, and poor customer experience.

Jain Irrigation Systems deployed Shipsy’s intelligent and real-time container tracking solution to address the above challenges. Download the case study to learn how our solution enables Jain Irrigation Systems to realize transformational outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tips to save US$ 1,750,000 every year while shipping containers
  • Why real-time tracking is a prerequisite for accurate ETAs & delightful CXs
  • How to automate 100% of critical shipping tasks in a matter of a few hours

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