Drive Logistics Profitability Through Enhanced Rider Productivity & Delivery Compliance


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Why do last-mile deliveries cost logistics stakeholders so dearly? Let's look at some facts.

  • 53% of logistics costs are incurred in actualizing last-mile deliveries

  • 40% of orders are returned industry-wide, many of which are COD orders

  • $2 Billion/year is what missed deliveries add to last-mile costs

Poor rider productivity and non-compliance impact last-mile costs and customer service. Riders using fake GPS locations to mark orders as "delivered" and the inability to validate non-delivery reasons accurately are two such instances.

Orders usually get delayed or missed due to delayed order allocation to riders, delayed order clubbing, or due to a store's lack of visibility into delivery SLAs and exact delivery locations. But, did you know that all these issues can be easily resolved using intelligent routing and order clubbing technology?

Join us in our upcoming webinar to see how you too can address these challenges, and improve delivery profitability and create positive customer experiences.

Key Talking Points

  • Customizing order clubbing parameters based on rider/vehicle type to ensure faster, productive, cost-efficient, and risk-free deliveries

  • Drastically reducing order handover time at stores by prioritizing packaging based on accurate pickup ETAs

  • Automatically detecting riders using fake or mock GPS locations and checking them out to prevent process inefficiencies and reputation damage

  • Legitimizing "undelivered" reasons by directly tracing communication with end customers


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