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The nightmare of visiting multiple carrier websites and endless calls with freight forwarders (FFs) to know where your cargo is ends now!

Our latest innovation empowers supply chain stakeholders to directly track air cargo, via our unified dashboard, using HAWB numbers. This, in turn, enables businesses to enhance KPI benchmarking of carriers, align pickups based on predictive and accurate ETAs, better track events like pickups, booked on the flight, and more.

Not just operational efficiency, businesses today are also measuring supply chain performance based on sustainability. With our latest innovation in this area, Shipsy has become one of the first technology providers in the world to empower supply chain stakeholders to track emissions across air and marine shipments.

Come join us in our upcoming webinar to know in-depth about how these innovations will help you:

Real-time Visibility

  • Improve planning & trucking operations based on predictive Shipment ETAs

  • Be better prepared to accommodate shipment delays and mitigate the impact on CX

  • Enhance shipment visibility through data directly from airlines and FFs - all on a single panel


  • Ensure greater compliance with the global carbon emission regulations

  • Get greater visibility of Tank to Wheel CO2 emissions… Well to Wheel coming soon!


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