Enhance Planned Delivery Management Using Shipsy’s Latest Innovations

23 February, 2022, 2:00pm to 2:45pm IST



A KPMG research revealed that customers no longer 'buy from a company' but 'buy into one.' It's a shift driven by the customers' inclination to trust a brand's reputation more than anything else. For retailers and logistics service providers, a significant part of their reputation rests on the kind of delivery experience they provide. In fact, research highlights that 84% of customers will not return to a retailer after one poor delivery experience.

Therefore, to drive customized, seamless and fast deliveries, businesses must invest in tools that provide end-to-end visibility, drive profitability and enhance customer experience.

In our upcoming webinar we will discuss how our recent product innovations will enable businesses to ensure:

  • State of the art driver app that helps drivers gain complete visibility of their pick up and delivery tasks

  • Enhanced customer communication by getting control of SMS management based on pre-defined triggers

  • Seamless middle mile operations including sorting, bagging, loading, unloading, etc. using a mobile app

  • Operational efficiencies using a dashboard for call center executives to manage customer calls and assign delivery tasks to riders


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