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Scaling business operations amid skyrocketing delivery demands, balancing cost and customer experience and competing with more prominent players are key concerns hyperlocal delivery providers need to address proactively.

Also, another critical area that makes or breaks hyperlocal delivery is fleet management. Hence, ensuring seamless roster and driver payout management and driving high levels of shift adherence is essential.

Join our upcoming webinar on 2nd February 2022, where we will discuss how innovations in the latest Shipsy product release can help:

Key Talking Points

  • Enrich the profile details of drivers

  • Manage/automate detailed rosters for freelance and full-time drivers

  • Enable field force and managers to track driver performance

  • Seamlessly manage same-day driver payouts

  • Enable geofencing based assigning of vehicles (bicycle, motorbikes etc.)

  • Ensure privacy with phone number masking for both end customers and drivers

  • Allow drivers to know when they checked in and out, number of tasks completed, etc.


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