EXIM Masterclass:
Supercharge Your Cross-Border
Logistics Using Technology

November 23, 2022

4:00 pm - 4:45 pm IST



India’s merchandise exports have risen by over 44% since the last year. The country’s 200,000+ exporters have helped steer the growth while supplying for the global demand. On the other hand, importers have helped fulfill domestic demand for international products.

Underlying all this movement is a super complex chain of events enabling the transportation of freight in millions of containers across borders. It is only natural that such a complex operation leaves room for improvement.

At Shipsy, we’ve helped organizations of all sizes realize the benefits of these improvements in the form of improved profitability due to cost savings and greater productivity leading to increased revenue. At the same time, our platform has eased their day-to-day logistics operations through workflow automation.

In our upcoming Shipsy EXIM Masterclass webinar, we will reveal how our international logistics management platform empowers India’s leading global businesses to obtain the best freight rates effortlessly, track all their container shipments in real-time in a single window, create exceptional customer experiences, and more.

For a limited time, we’re also giving away access to our platform to Indian businesses with any kind of international freight movement. Join our webinar by filling the form on this page, and get details on how you can get free access to technology that can help you:

Key Discussion Points:

  • Reduce the cost of freight procurement by 12% through automation

  • Gain seamless, real-time container visibility across multiple carriers

  • Reduce ETA SLA breaches by 37%

  • Increase customer satisfaction by 64%

  • Shrink incidental costs by 80%


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