Improve Delivery Scheduling & Drive Robust Visual Integrity Checks


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Logistics planning is a critical element for express delivery providers to manage dynamic demands, ever-evolving customer needs, and increasing transportation costs. Efficient scheduling of deliveries and ensuring robust quality checks to mitigate financial impact goes a long way in improving logistics planning.

Proactively scheduling trips empowers express logistics services providers to enhance productivity, ensure increased delivery accuracy, and better manage customer expectations. Additionally, having multilayered quality checks in place significantly reduces returns, boosts customer loyalty, and optimizes costs. According to a recent survey, damaged products account for 20% of the online returns, and that needs to be fixed.

In our upcoming webinar, we will discuss how our latest developments are empowering express logistics services providers to optimize delivery scheduling with detailed stop-wise information for riders and improve handling with proof-based quality checks.

Key Talking Points

  • Boost your rider productivity with transparent, advance delivery scheduling

  • Minimize product returns due to damages with image-based quality checks at the hubs

  • Enable optimal order mapping with riders for planned deliveries


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