Parcel + Post Expo 2023
Drive Sustainable and Efficient Logistics Operations – While Reducing Costs

24 - 26 October, 2023

RAI Amsterdam
Convention Centre

Booth No. 11.536



Rising customer expectations, increasing last-mile complexities, stringent service level agreements (SLAs), and sustainability imperative are compelling Logistics Service Providers to accelerate their digital and logistics transformation.

By leveraging automated operations and predictive intelligence, businesses can optimize logistics costs, expand delivery networks, create delightful customer experiences, boost workforce productivity, and prioritize sustainable logistics practices.

At this year's PARCEL+POST EXPO, we are excited to demonstrate how Shipsy's intelligent logistics management platform is empowering its customers to:

  • Reduce last-mile delivery costs by 23%

  • Trim line haul costs by 12%

  • Improve customer experience by 28%

  • Shrink manpower costs by 28%

  • Eliminate 1 billion+ miles

  • Save 800KT of carbon emissions

If you're part of a courier and express logistics company, a retailer, a manufacturer, an importer/exporter, or even a quick commerce delivery provider, we invite you to drop by Booth 11.536 and connect with our team of logistics experts.

Let's have a conversation about unlocking growth opportunities and crafting tailored solutions for your unique challenges.

Revolutionize your logistics operations with Shipsy.

Here’s who you’ll meet at our booth.


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