3PL vs. Own Fleet: 10 Aspects to Evaluate Before Deciding


Increasing online retail sales, expanding to new geographies, ensuring faster go-to-market and optimizing distribution have significantly increased the demand for logistical resources. While some businesses prefer to partner with multiple 3PLs to achieve these goals, others focus on building their own logistics arm. But does the latter make sense, especially if the last-mile is not core to a business? In this eBook, we delve deep into the science and logic behind deciding whether to partner with multiple logistics service providers (LSPs) or heavily invest in developing an ‘own fleet’ logistics architecture.

Key Takeaways

Download our eBook and learn more about:

  • How LSPs are helping businesses drive rapid growth

  • The intricate costs associated with managing an in-house fleet

  • How to gain greater control and visibility over 3PL operations

  • The role of seasonal order volatility in deciding to have an in-house fleet vs. 3PLs

  • The five key questions you should ask before deciding to go with 3PLs or own fleet

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