Demystifying Multimodal Logistics & Making Freight Movement Economical

To optimize costs and energy consumption and mitigate transportation risks, enterprises must reduce their dependence on road transport and create efficient multimodal logistics strategies. Using rail, road, ocean and airways to transport goods can improve transportation efficiency by 30%, eliminate cargo damages by 10% and shrink costs by 20%. However, a few myths around multimodal transportation continue to hamper its adoption.

In this eBook, we bust the five most common myths about multimodal transportation and present five efficient technology-powered strategies that businesses are using to realize the benefits of multimodal logistics. Download the eBook and know:

  • How gaining real-time and historical insights on carrier KPIs boosts multimodal operations

  • Why collaboration is critical to faster issue resolution, better audits and greater productivity

  • How automated freight procurement can reduce multimodal logistics costs

  • The importance of using CO2 emissions dashboard to make logistics sustainable

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