Eleven Unique Predictions That’ll Enhance Long-Term Logistics Planning In 2023 & Beyond


In the past year, we witnessed strong measures being taken to make international logistics operations digital and collaborative. Automation emerged as a key to making everyday logistics operations economical, agile and customer-centric. Equally important, we experienced global businesses and governments making strides to build greener supply chains. And here is what’s next.

Key Takeaways:

  • We will see logistics leaders using Generative AI to drive accurate logistics planning

  • Online chat will find critical applications in addressing routine logistics issues

  • The need to treat delivery executives with fairness and honor will influence businesses to embrace real-time engagement

  • Real-time visibility will move beyond tracking. It’ll fuel predictive planning and risk mitigation.

  • Historical logistics data will take delivery personalization to the next-level

  • The growing popularity of digital freight forwarders will trigger the need for supply chain neutrality

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