Five New Ways Retailers are Using Tech to Optimize
Last-Mile Logistics


Research highlights that high delivery prices, unavailability of same-day delivery, and late deliveries are top contributors to diminishing Net Promoter Scores. But thanks to AI and automation, businesses today are ensuring delightful CXs and making delivery operations profitable, reliable, agile, and productive. This eBook delves deep into the five innovative ways leading retailers and quick commerce brands seamlessly orchestrate last-mile delivery processes.

Key Takeaways

Download the eBook and learn how businesses are using:

  • Automated order allocation to shrink order to ship time & ensure on-time dispatch

  • Modern location tools to boost address accuracy, reduce miles traveled & optimize capacity utilization

  • Intuitive rider application to increase engagement & build fair incentive programs

  • Analytics to continuously improve 3PL KPI management and delivery planning

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