Territory & Workforce Optimization: What it is & How it Boosts Delivery Productivity & Shrinks Last-Mile Costs

To boost last-mile profitability and optimize workforce, logistics service providers must also focus on optimizing territory and workforce while ensuring efficient routing.

Route optimization alone usually helps save fuel costs which is 15% of overall last-mile expenses. By optimizing territory and workforce prior to routing, businesses can tap into a larger opportunity—addressing workforce and vehicle expenses which is 50-70% of last-mile costs.

Territory and Workforce Optimization solution ensures scientific manpower planning, increases the total number of deliveries done daily in a city, generates the right mix of full-time drivers and freelancers needed, and easily addresses seasonal demands.

This eBook provides a deep understanding of what it is, how exactly it works and how a multinational logistics provider is using it to reduce last-mile costs by 28%.

Key Takeaways

  • Five reasons why optimizing workforce using traditional strategies is a challenge

  • How to easily address fixed last-mile costs

  • The difference between route optimization and territory and workforce optimization

  • Ensuring equitable workload distribution & intelligently allocating territory

  • How a multinational logistics provider reduces last-mile costs by 28%

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