Spotlight Paper:
Retail Logistics Customer Experience - Managing
Cost-Effective Logistics Orchestration for
Omni-Channel Retail

As customer demands continue to grow, retailers are increasingly seeking ways to improve their logistics solutions and enhance the overall customer experience. This requires a level of visibility, intelligence, and agility that can only be achieved through high-quality, actionable, and timely insights. The pressure to adopt digital solutions to increase business agility, operational efficiency and risk reduction has never been greater.

To meet these challenges, retailers must consider their role in customer service and find innovative ways to improve trust and reliability. This Spotlight paper details the ‘DRIVE’ framework, which guides retailers on how they can achieve their business priorities by planning, orchestrating and executing supply chain requirements through their ecosystem by leveraging each of the ‘data, risk, integration, visibility, and ecosystem’ focus areas.

Download this data and insight rich Spotlight paper on ‘Retail Logistics Customer Experience: Managing Cost-Effective Logistics Orchestration for Omnichannel Retail’, sponsored by Shipsy, to learn more about how your business can apply the DRIVE framework to improve logistics performance and deliver a better customer experience.

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DRIVE Better Logistics Execution and Service

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